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Hello Hooray

Retro floral hoop tutorial | Hello! Hooray!

Retro floral felt hoop tutorial with Bibelot Magazine

By Clare Albans / 19 Dec 2017

My latest creative project went live yesterday – it’s a retro floral felt hoop tutorial with Bibelot Magazine! 

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Sprout lovers and Sprout Haters gift guide with Etsy | Hello! Hooray!

Sprout lovers and sprout haters Christmas gift guide with Etsy

By Clare Albans / 27 Nov 2017

I’m keen to support handmade as much as possible this Christmas, and wanted to create something a little different. So here’s my Sprout lovers and sprout haters Christmas gift guide with Etsy!

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Chocolate gingerbread brownies with fudgy icing | Hello! Hooray!

Chocolate gingerbread brownies with fudgy icing

By Clare Albans / 27 Oct 2017

We are big fans of ginger in our house, and these chocolate gingerbread brownies with fudgy icing are amazing.

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Perfect pumpkin recipes for autumn | Hello! Hooray!

Perfect pumpkin recipes for autumn

By Clare Albans / 24 Oct 2017

Pumpkin season is well and truly here, and I thought it would be fun to put together a selection of perfect pumpkin recipes for autumn! 

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Ultimate blackberry ice cream | Hello! Hooray!

Ultimate blackberry ice cream

By Clare Albans / 08 Sep 2017

I love foraging for blackberries, and I’ve got a few things that I like to make with them.

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Crafty Colour Palette #2 | Hello! Hooray!

Crafty Colour Palette #2

By Clare Albans / 05 Sep 2017

Crafty Colour Palette #2 is inspired by these amazing pastel highlighters. 

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Blue pineapple embroidery | Hello! Hooray!

Blue pineapple embroidery

By Clare Albans / 28 Jul 2017

One of my favourite embroidery projects from Mollie Makes magazine is the pineapple embroidery by Catherine Greenslade. 

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Almond and apricot cake | Hello! Hooray!

Almond and apricot cake

By Clare Albans / 21 Jul 2017

Little One has a list of foods for nursery, and we were recently asked to tick a few more off (even though she eats most of the things on it!). One of these was apricots.

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Ginger spiced crunch biscuits | Hello! Hooray!

Ginger spiced crunch biscuits

By Clare Albans / 07 Jul 2017

These ginger spiced crunch biscuits are really spicy – if you love ginger then you’ve got to try them!

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hellohoorayshop on Etsy is now open!

By Clare Albans / 29 Jun 2017

I’m excited to (finally) let you know that hellohoorayshop is now open on Etsy! 

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In the garden this spring with Biscuiteers!

By Clare Albans / 26 May 2017

I’m partnering with the very lovely people at Biscuiteers to bring you today’s post: In the garden this spring with Biscuiteers! 

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Crafty colour palette #1 | Hello! Hooray!

Crafty Colour Palette #1

By Clare Albans / 13 May 2017

Crafty Colour Palette #1 had to be what originally inspired my new project. 

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Introducing Crafty Colour Palettes

By Clare Albans / 12 May 2017

I’m so excited to be telling you all about a very colourful project that I’ve been working on recently. Introducing Crafty Colour Palettes!

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Perpetual paper chains

By Clare Albans / 08 May 2017

I first discovered this perpetual paper chains project a couple of years ago when I bought a copy of Stitch the Halls by What Delilah Did.

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Sugar free banana cake

By Clare Albans / 06 May 2017

This recipe for sugar free banana cake is actually from The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook, but you’d honestly never know!

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Mini Egg rocky road

By Clare Albans / 11 Apr 2017

Easter is so late this year! I’m so ready for a holiday and looking forward to having some family time together. 

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Sign up for my newsletter!

By Clare Albans / 26 Feb 2017

Hello! I’ve been absent from my blog for a little while now, but I promise I’ve been really busy working on so many things – the first of which I’m here to tell you about now…you can now sign up for my newsletter! 

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Reorganising my embroidery thread

By Clare Albans / 13 Jan 2017

A few years ago I decided to get my embroidery thread a little bit more organised, and I spent rather a long time putting them all on to cards to put in a compartment box.

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Christmas brownies

By Clare Albans / 15 Dec 2016

Hello friends! Sorry for being a bit quiet here lately – the weeks are just going by so fast!

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Christmas cake | Hello! Hooray!

Christmas Cake

By Clare Albans / 06 Nov 2016

There are some times when it’s a bit to early to use the ‘C’ word, but when it comes to making a Christmas cake it’s good to be organised!

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Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake

By Clare Albans / 28 Sep 2016

I recently made Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake for a dear friend who is now dairy and gluten free.

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Hello! Hooray! shop is now open

By Clare Albans / 17 Sep 2016

I am SO excited that the Hello! Hooray! Shop is now open!

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Ultimate vanilla ice cream

By Clare Albans / 04 Sep 2016

We recently bought an ice cream maker as a joint wedding anniversary present to ourselves. Technically, 3 years is meant to be leather but we decided that this was much more appealing!

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Summer polaroid pictures

By Clare Albans / 30 Aug 2016

As August draws to a close, it really feels like the nights are drawing in and that summer is on the way out.

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