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hellohoorayshop on Etsy is now open!

I’m excited to (finally) let you know that hellohoorayshop is now open on Etsy! 


I’ve been super busy getting everything organised and sending out my first few orders (yay!) that I completely forgot to share this with you. My poor blog has been neglected lately, but I’m hoping to change all that…I know I’ve said this before! Juggling family life, the day job and my shop and blog is a bit of a military operation, but I’m getting there. And after years of wondering about making things to sell, I’m so excited to finally be doing it!


hellohoorayshop on Etsy is now open! | Hello! Hooray!


Colourful and fun hand embroidery


So I had to think of a way to best describe hellohoorayshop, and basically it’s all about colourful and fun hand embroidery. I love colour and it has been really great to start designing my own embroidery patterns. I have a LOT more ideas than time at the moment, but the pattern for my Sunbeams banner (which features a super quote from Roald Dahl) is available to purchase now. Just click here if you fancy a look. I have designed all of the hoops and banners in my shop, so it’s great to see my designs come to life!


Sunbeams banner | Hello! Hooray!


Limited edition hoops


One of the things that put me off opening a shop for so long was that I don’t really enjoy making loads of the same thing. Do you know what I mean? I personally find that it takes the enjoyment out of stitching if I’m constantly making the same design in the same colour. So when I had the idea to sell my hoops as limited editions, I knew I was on to something that could work for me.


Yay mini hoop | Hello! Hooray!


So all my designs are limited editions, either one of one or one of two in the given colour combination. This means that you’re guaranteed to have a limited edition when you make a purchase!


Fancy a custom order?


I am always happy to take requests for custom orders – if there’s a quote you would like stitching or you’d like something else designing just for you, let me know! Get in touch by email or send me a convo via Etsy.


More new designs will be coming soon! And I’m hoping to get my website shop back up and running very soon too…thanks for your patience! 🙂


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