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Ice cream hoops for Love Embroidery

Ice cream hoops for Love Embroidery

Photo credit: Love Embroidery Magazine

It was a pleasure to stitch these fun, textural ice cream hoops for Love Embroidery Magazine! It’s the perfect summer project. And it’s also a really fun way to experiment with a few textures in your stitching too! The ice cream cones are stitched with a satin stitch base, with an open weave stitch over the top. I’m really pleased with how this effect came out. The lollies have a few more textures in there, with felt piecing and sprinkles for the FAB lolly, couching on the Twister and a whole load of French knots for the Nobbly Bobbly!

Love Embroidery ice cream hoop by Clare Albans

Love Embroidery ice lolly hoop by Clare Albans

Ice cream hoops for Love Embroidery: materials

Most of the materials I used here are available in my shop:

It was my first time using Bondaweb, and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t before! So easy to use and brilliant for small pieces like this. It was really good to be able to attach the felt pieces so that they didn’t move around while I was stitching. Initially,  I was worried about ironing it on over the stitches, but it was easy to plump it up again afterwards. If you’re experimenting with this, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions! Ironing it on with a damp piece of fabric over the top was really helpful. Make sure to use DMC thread to do this as it is colourfast.

I hope you love having a go at these textural stitches in the ice lolly hoop!

If you have never couched before, I promise it is easier than it looks 😊 There is a handy stitch guide at the back of every issue of Love Embroidery Magazine so you can see how it’s done. Why not sign up to The Happy Stitch Project and learn a few new stitches along the way too!

To get the templates and full instructions for these hoops, get your copy of issue 29 here today! And if you try out the project, don’t forget to share with me – I’m @hellohoorayblog on Instagram 😊

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