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Sprout lovers and sprout haters Christmas gift guide with Etsy

Sprout lovers and Sprout Haters Christmas gift guide with Etsy | Hello! Hooray!

I’m keen to support handmade as much as possible this Christmas, and wanted to create something a little different. So here’s my Sprout lovers and sprout haters Christmas gift guide with Etsy!Etsy recently contacted their affiliates about creating a gift guide that holds meaning for us, I definitely wanted to get on board. When I was thinking about what to have as a theme for my gift guide, I just kept thinking about sprouts! Which camp are you in? Sprout lover or sprout hater?! I’m definitely in the latter…sprouts are not good in my opinion! Every year when I was a kid, my Mum would make me have ‘just one’ sprout. It stared at me on the plate, as I ate everything else in an attempt to try to leave it. It’s just one of those things I remember about Christmas – even now she still tries, but to no avail!

So whether you’re a sprout lover or a sprout hater, there’s definitely something here for you in my sprout lovers and sprout haters gift guide with Etsy! All sellers are UK based.

Gifts for sprout lovers

Sprout lovers Etsy gift guide | Hello! Hooray!

1. The pet Brussel sprout by tinofbeans

2. Brussel sprouts plant kit by PlantsFromSeed

3. Eat your sprouts Christmas tote bag by KerrisGaneson

4. Lil sprout babygrow by BigMouthUK

5. Brussel sprout Christmas phone case by DessiDesigns

6. Christmas Brussel sprout lover enamel pin by HannahHitchman

Gifts for sprout haters

Sprout haters Etsy gift guide | Hello! Hooray!

1. Christmas Brussel sprout hater enamel pin by HannahHitchman

2. Christmas grumpy sprout by lovelylittlelamp

3. Sprout Free Christmas card by ChalkOrCheese

4. Death by Chocolate sprouts by SweetznChocolitz

5. Sprouts are for Weirdos card by PAPERSTANYON

6. Christmas engraved pencils by BeanieandBob

And finally, one for the sprout lovers and haters…

How cute is this sprout pom pom garland by ElistonButton? I LOVE it! So it’s my final suggestion for both the sprout lovers and haters. How could you not like these little guys?!

Sprout pom pom garland

The small print…

This post is sponsored by Etsy and all links are affiliate links. Affiliates receive a £10 Etsy voucher for sharing a gift guide.

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  1. Tobia on November 29, 2017 at 5:03 am

    Haha this is funny. I actually like sprouts even more so in recent years. However I hardly ever boil them as they do taste very sprouty then. Usually in a pan with bacon and cranberries. Anyhow don’t want to convince you. But it seems like sprouts is a traditional Christmas dinner essential in the UK?
    Happy holidays

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