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Introducing Crafty Colour Palettes

I’m so excited to be telling you all about a very colourful project that I’ve been working on recently. Introducing Crafty Colour Palettes! I am ALWAYS inspired by colour, and I find that I frequently get my phone out to take a quick photo of something that inspires me. Do you do the same?! This got me thinking about how everyday objects, pretty fabrics, or even something from latest holiday snaps can inspire a craft project. So that’s where Crafty Colour Palettes comes in!


Introducing Crafty Colour Palettes with @hellohoorayblog


Crafty Colour Palettes is the inspiration for your next craft project. On my blog and on Instagram, I’ll be curating colourful photos and creating colour palettes with embroidery thread for you to use for crafting! Every colour palette will come complete with a blog post and full details of the threads that you need. I’ve chosen to use embroidery thread for my project because there is such a vast array of colours, which gives lots of opportunity to create so many palettes. Not a stitcher? Don’t worry, I’m on the look out for other ways of suggesting colourful projects! I’m also looking for contributors too, so keep reading on if you want to know more…


Introducing Crafty Colour Palettes | Hello! Hooray!


Inspiration from everyday things


We are surrounded by colour, and inspiration can come from anywhere. The initial idea for this project came from a tray that I bought in IKEA! You’ll see that in my first Crafty Colour Palettes post. I think it’s lovely to be able to create something which your own curated selection of colours. I love to play around with colour. Something as simple as a bunch of daffodils in your favourite jug could be the inspiration for your next project!



Bright daffodils | Hello! Hooray!

How to find Crafty Colour Palettes


The full details for each colour palette will be on my blog, and I’ve created a separate page for you to be able to find them all in one place – just click here. If you’d like to follow on Instagram, search for @craftycolourpalettes. Or search for the #craftycolourpalettes hashtag. Alternatively, you can find a board on my Pinterest. There are lots of ways to get your colour fix!


Rainbow thread | Hello! Hooray!


Interested in getting involved?


I would LOVE to have some guest curators of Crafty Colour Palettes! I think this would give greater variation for your craft projects. If you are interested in being a guest curator, you can email me or get in touch via my contact page. Or get in touch via Instagram @craftycolourpalettes or @hellohoorayblog 🙂 Don’t worry if you don’t have oodles of embroidery thread like me – I can create palettes with your photos very easily. Let me know your ideas!


I really hope that you like my new project! Look out for the first Crafty Colour Palette tomorrow…

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