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Crafty Colour Palette #1

Crafty colour palette #1 | Hello! Hooray!

Crafty Colour Palette #1 had to be what originally inspired my new project. 

It was this lovely tray that I got from IKEA! Every time I looked at it, I just kept thinking how the colours went together so well.  This is quite a large selection with 8 colours, but you could select a few or use them all.


Crafty Colour Palette #1: Colour list


Pale pink: DMC 603 / Anchor 62

Fuchsia: DMC 601 / Anchor 57

Orange: DMC 970 / Anchor 316

Red: DMC 349 / Anchor 13

Yellow: DMC 444 / Anchor 290

Light green: DMC 704 / Anchor 256

Dark green: DMC 700 / Anchor 228

Blue: DMC 3843 / Anchor 1089


What could I make?


There are so many things you could make with a rainbow colour palette! I picked out a few ideas from my Pinterest board, Stitch.


Make some hoop art with some very neat satin stitch – simple but so effective! (Embroidery by Jane Denton. Source: The Jealous Curator)


Palette #1 ideas 1 | Hello! Hooray!


Try out a Sashiko inspired stitch on a quilt like this one (Source: Me and My Sister Designs):



Palette #1 ideas 2 | Hello! Hooray!



You could also customise your clothes! Use vintage-style stitches to create a unique garment or give something a new lease of life.


Palette #1 ideas 3 | Hello! Hooray!



Customisation doesn’t have to be complicated though! Add some rainbow style with some simple stitching. This is a dress that we recently bought for Little One and it has simple stitching around the bottom in rainbow colours. You could stitch this on a sewing machine if you’re not confident at sewing by hand. Dress from Mothercare (photo my own).


Palette #1 ideas 4 | Hello! Hooray!



Got any other ideas for projects inspired by this colour palette? Share them in the comments below or get in touch via Instagram @craftycolourpalettes! Don’t forget that I’m looking for contributions to Crafty Colour Palettes – email me with your ideas!



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