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Creative process embroidery

If you’re a creative person, I’m pretty sure that you’ll relate to this creative process embroidery hoop that I made! I originally saw this quote on Pinterest, shared by June Letters Studio, but the words are taken from an artwork by David Shrigley. It just sums up the creative process perfectly, doesn’t it?! I have a habit of getting stuck between number 3 and 4, so it’s a good reminder to keep going through that bit to get to the good bit again!


Designing and stitching


I knew I wanted to make a hoop with this quote, and remembered seeing a stitched version of lined paper on Pinterest. This was originally done as a cross stitch, but I think it works really well as an embroidery too. To make sure that the lines were straight, I used a ruler with my Sublime Stitching pen for permanent transfer. This is much easier than having the lines disappear before they were finished.


Creative Process embroidery hoop details | Hello! Hooray!


Everything on this hoop is stitched using backstitch with 3 strands of embroidery floss for the lines of the paper, and 2 strands for the text. The colours that I used were:


Light blue = DMC 162

Red = DMC 3801

Dark blue = DMC 824


When I first planned this project, I thought that I would display it in a 6″ hoop. But when I’d finished it just looked a bit too squashed. I wanted a bit more space on the ‘paper’ around the text, and so I tried it in a 7″ hoop and thought it looked much better. Thankfully I had stitched the lines just long enough for them to reach the edges! It took me a while to work out which colour to paint the hoop – I even asked on  Instagram because I just couldn’t decide! Yellow was my first choice, but the shade of paint I had looked a bit odd with the colours. So this bright blue gives a lovely contrast.


Stitch your own creative process embroidery


Fancy stitching your own version of this hoop? I’ve created a free download for you to be able to make your own! Yay! Click here to download your creative process embroidery hoop templates. Don’t forget to tag me @hellohoorayblog if you make one and share it! Please note that this is for personal use only – you must not reproduce or sell these hoops in any form. Thank you!


Creative Process embroidery hoop | Hello! Hooray!


And to finish…


When I was trying to find the June Letters Studio version of this that I had originally pinned, I came across this super post by From Roses. It’s a great post about things you should remind yourself when you don’t feel good enough, and it’s worth a read 🙂 Don’t forget that you can make it past stages 3 and 4 – you are awesome!


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