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Crafty Colour Palette #3

There’s an Easter theme to Crafty Colour Palette #3 which is inspired by my favourite Easter treat – mini eggs!  I realised a while ago that mini eggs have a lovely colour palette. The dark purple speckles on each of the eggs has to be my favourite bit – just a hint of it on each egg. I actually took some photos last year to be able to make something, and I never got around to it! But when Hannah from Hannah Handmakes got in touch to ask if I wanted to do a blog post swap for Easter, I knew that this would be the perfect colour palette for my project. A lot of mini eggs were eaten during the process of planning and making these hoops and writing the posts, haha! 🙂



Crafty Colour Palette #3: Colour list


Pink: DMC 3689 / Anchor 49

Yellow: DMC 745 / Anchor 300

Blue: DMC 775 / Anchor 128

Lilac: DMC 211 / Anchor 342

Dark purple: DMC 3041 / Anchor 871


These colours would work so well for Easter projects, but you could use them for anything you like! I think they would be lovely for something for a nursery – maybe a name banner or hoop. I quite like it for something gender neutral in this sense, with the pink and blue together I think it would work quite nicely!


Hello! Hooray! for Hannah Handmakes


These are the hoops I designed for our little blog post swap 🙂 If you saw my post earlier with Hannah’s amazing tutorial, you’ll know that I basically had two designs in my head and I couldn’t decide which one would work best! If I had to choose I’d probably pick the text only version because I’m so pleased with how that worked out.


Hello! Hooray! for Hannah Handmakes


You’ll find all the details (tutorials and templates) over at Hannah Handmakes! And you can find Hannah’s fabulous tutorial for this cross-stitched hoop here.


Happy Easter Hoop from Hannah Handmakes | Hello! Hooray!


If you’re a beginner cross-stitcher (like me), Hannah takes us through the stitching process step-by-step. So it’s great for beginners, and a fun design for all levels too! We really hope that you enjoy these Easter projects – tag us @hellohoorayblog and @hannahhandmakes on Instagram 🙂 Happy stitching!


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