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Crafty Colour Palette #6

Crafty Colour Palette #6 | Hello! Hooray!

Crafty Colour Palette #6 is inspired by David Seaman’s amazing technicolour jerseys from Euro ’96. If you haven’t seen them, they are a sight to behold and they definitely don’t make them as cool as this anymore!

Crafty Colour Palette #6 jerseys | Hello! Hooray!

Both images from Classic Football Shirts – top right here and bottom left here.


It’s 25 years since the men’s European football championships were held in England, and the final of the 2020 tournament will take place this year at Wembley. Back in 1996 I was 10 years old, and I can remember the excitement of the tournament. I won a competition at my primary school to go to one of the matches at Elland Road in Leeds, and we saw Spain vs Romania – this was my first ever live match and it was such a brilliant experience!

Crafty Colour Palette #6: the colours

I haven’t made a Crafty Colour Palette for ages, so when Tom suggested Seaman’s goalkeeper jerseys for inspiration I thought it would be really fun. He also had an idea for a hoop that I thought would make a nice design to be able to combine the colours from both of the jerseys. I’ll be stitching this during the tournament and will hopefully get it finished before the end!

Jersey 1 colour palette | Hello! Hooray!

This is the first colour palette, which features the following DMC shades:

Yellow 307

Purple 553

Light teal 3851

Dark teal 991

Royal blue 312

Dark navy 3750

Find a DMC to Anchor thread conversion chart here if you need it!


Jersey 2 colour palette | Hello! Hooray!

This is the second colour palette, which uses the following DMC shades:

Red 606

Orange 742

Yellow 444

Green 704

Purple 333

Burgundy 815

Dark navy 939

Find a DMC to Anchor thread conversion chart here if you need it!


Jerseys colour palette with colours | Hello! Hooray!

Seaman's jersey hoop | Hello! Hooray!

Euro ’96 jerseys hoop project

The design that I came up with is inspired by both of the jerseys. It will feature a negative space jersey in the centre, and I’ll stitch patterns inspired by the jerseys around the edge. It’s fun to combine the two different designs! It might look a bit crazy in the end 😂 But we’ll see! I haven’t decided on exact stitches yet, but you can follow my progress on Instagram.

Download the project templates here!

I’ve used a Sublime Stitching pen and some embroidery transfer paper to transfer the design on to my fabric – both of these can be found in the marking products section of my haberdashery. Please note that the template is just currently the design as I haven’t yet filled in any of the colours! I will edit this post soon to add that in 😊

Seaman's jersey hoop with colours | Hello! Hooray!


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