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Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart

Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart | Hello! Hooray!

The Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart is here – yay! I compiled a DMC to Anchor version last summer, and this has been on the to-do list for a while. It will be super handy if you’re joining in with The Happy Stitch Project!

This chart is perfect for any stitcher who needs to reference between the Anchor and DMC brands. I made reference to this chart in my new book, Colourful Fun Embroidery, and it’s a very useful thing to have if you need to convert colours between brands. DMC is my go-to brand, but I do have some Anchor colours and so it’s helpful to know where they match up if possible! This chart includes all of the DMC standard floss colours, including the new shades that were released a couple of years ago. However, there are no accurate alternatives available for these shades, as indicated on the chart. If they ever become available, I’ll fill them in and let you know! Also, please note that the chart does not include any DMC Colour Variations floss, DMC Light Effects or DMC Shaded (variegated) floss.

Rainbow brights DMC thread pack | Hello! Hooray!

How to use this conversion chart

To use this thread conversion chart, simply find the number of the Anchor colour you have in the left-hand columns marked ‘Anchor’. The DMC alternative (or alternatives, in some cases) is given in the right-hand columns marked ‘DMC’. Some Anchor colours have more than one suggestion because there is more choice in terms of DMC shades, and some of these do not have exact matches. All colours are correct at time of publication.

The chart is A3 in full size, so that you can print it out in a size that’s readable (there are a lot of shades!). If you don’t want to print a copy, it easily converts to a readable size if you’re viewing on a pdf viewer. I’m viewing it on an iPad here, but you can easily view it on a phone and just zoom in to be able to view the details.

Download your Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart

Click here to download your pdf copy of the Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart!! I hope that you find it really useful when you’re completing your embroidery or cross stitch projects. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @hellohoorayblog if you’re using this chart or stitching one of my projects!

Colourful Fun Embroidery cover | Hello! Hooray!


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Post updated 15th January 2021.


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  1. Claudia Virginia Alarcon on April 24, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    I have a few of the MCG Textiles Inc counted cross stitch patterns.
    Unfortunately they went out of business and I need to convert their number floss to DMC floss numbers.
    Can you please help me, thanks

    • Clare Albans on August 8, 2022 at 2:16 pm

      Hello! Do they use Anchor thread or a different thread? I only have DMC and Anchor charts I’m afraid. It might be worth asking in a counted cross stitch group on Facebook. Good luck!

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