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I really believe that it is so important to take time out to be creative, so here on my blog you will find lots of ideas of things to do in your creative time.

We spend so much of our lives focussing on our day jobs that we often miss out on time for making, but finding even small amounts of time to create something with our hands can have a big impact on our productivity and well-being.

I have certainly found that being creative has helped to improve my mental health over the past few years. I find that when I have the space to take time out to be creative, I feel like I am working on something positive for me. Craft can't fix everything, but it certainly makes me feel good!


I am passionate about being creative with my children as well as working on my own projects, so some of my posts will discuss how we juggle our family time with running a small business and everything else in between.


Do feel free to get in touch, either by commenting on a post or by completing the contact form.

Clare Albans _ Hello! Hooray!

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Project Life baby milestone cards

By Clare Albans / August 8, 2019 /

It has been a while since I published a craft tutorial on my blog, so it seems fitting to be sharing these Project Life baby milestone cards first!

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My goodness what a year and a bit | Hello! Hooray!

My goodness, what a year (and a bit)!

By Clare Albans / June 26, 2019 /

In 2018 I intended to write on my blog a lot more, and I set myself a little target of 4 blog posts a month (or something like that). It worked for a little while but then life got in the way. My goodness, what a year (and a bit)!

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White chocolate mini egg blondies

By Clare Albans / March 23, 2019 /

Wow, it has been a really long time since my last blog post! A LOT has been going on here, but I really wanted to get a post up before our second baby arrives soon. I’m 39 weeks now so it could be any time (please!). These white chocolate mini egg blondies seemed like the…

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Amara blog awards 2018 nomination

By Clare Albans / August 26, 2018 /

I was delighted to receive a nomination for the Amara blog awards 2018! 

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Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going hoop

By Clare Albans / July 22, 2018 /

I was really excited to share my Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going hoop last week! 

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Hello! Hooray! creative manifesto

By Clare Albans / July 13, 2018 /

  For the last couple of years, the Hello! Hooray! creative manifesto has been living in the notes pages of my iPhone. 

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Starting a Bullet Journal your own way | Hello! Hooray!

Starting a Bullet Journal your own way

By Clare Albans / June 26, 2018 /

I recently got started with Bullet Journalling after debating whether or not to give it a go for so long.

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YAYmakers June 2018 box review | Hello! Hooray!

YAYmakers June 2018 box review

By Clare Albans / June 25, 2018 /

YAYmakers June 2018 box review – thanks to lovely Kate for gifting this box to me so I can review it for you on my blog today (all opinions my own). Keep reading for a little discount too!

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Colourful craft room tour | Hello! Hooray!

Colourful craft room tour

By Clare Albans / May 2, 2018 /

I’m so excited to share my colourful craft room tour today! 

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Creative process embroidery

By Clare Albans / April 29, 2018 /

If you’re a creative person, I’m pretty sure that you’ll relate to this creative process embroidery hoop that I made!

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A natter with…Hannah from Hannah Hand Makes

By Clare Albans / April 23, 2018 /

You might have seen a super Easter cross stitch tutorial on my blog a few weeks ago (click here if you missed it!), and today we’re having a natter with Hannah from Hannah Hand Makes! 

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