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Baby bat Halloween costume

Baby bat Halloween costume DIY | Hello! Hooray!

I made this baby bat Halloween costume four years ago now, and it has taken me so long to write this post that both of our children have actually worn it!

Each year we have a lovely little party with our NCT friends – the children, their little siblings, mums and dads and we always dress up the little ones. It probably won’t be happening this year sadly (thanks, covid!), so I thought that it was about time that I got this post published instead. As a maker I have a rule about costumes for any occasion: I have to make them myself! So I couldn’t let the opportunity to make Little One’s first costume pass by. I thought about it for a long time as I needed something fairly quick to make. Then I came up with this baby bat costume idea and I was so pleased with how it turned out! Little One had a super time flapping her wings (when she wasn’t eating them) and it was practical for her to wear. So picking her up was easy, and we also managed to change her nappy with it on too. Her little brother loved wearing it last year too, so it stood the test of time. My baby bat Halloween costume is really easy to make, so your baby’s costume will be sorted in no time, even if Halloween will be a little bit different this year.

You will need

Some paper and a pencil

A black or grey baby sleep suit – I found this one on eBay

Some black cotton or polyester fabric

Some fabric for the inside of the wings – I used some grey satin that I had left over from Tom’s waistcoat

A sewing machine

An iron

Black cotton and a needle

Making your template

Before you start putting this costume together, you’ll need to make a little template. I haven’t included one here, just because it will completely depend on the bodysuit or sleep suit that you’re using. Place the paper on a flat surface, with the sleep suit on top. Spread the arm out a little, and then draw a wing shape from the end of the sleeve to the waist (use my photo as a guide if you like). Cut it out with some paper scissors, and you’re ready to go!


Baby bat Halloween costume: instructions


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY step 1 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 1

Cut out two wing shapes from each fabric, so you have two outer and two inner wing pieces. Take one outer and one inner wing piece, place them right sides together and pin. Leave a gap of about 10cm (4″) for turning later. Repeat with the other wing pieces.


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY step 2 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 2

Stitch around the edge of the wing, about 1cm away from the edge. Don’t forget to leave a gap for turning! Trim away any excess to about half a centimetre. Repeat with the other wing.


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY step 3 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 3

Turn your wings the right way around through the gap that you left. You can use the top of a pencil or a knitting needle to press out all the edges. Press with your iron, using the right temperature according to your chosen fabrics.


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY step 4 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 4

Take the sleep suit and lay it out face down with the arms stretched out. Position the wings in place and then pin – the corner should fit nicely in the armpit. Turn over to check that you are happy with the fit and then adjust as needed.


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY step 5 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 5

Machine stitch along the edge of the wing that meets the body, stopping at the armpit when it becomes difficult to sew.


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY step 6 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 6

Now for the trickiest bit! You’ll need to hand stitch the rest of the wing along the arm. Use small running stitches and they should blend in 🙂


That’s it – your baby bat Halloween costume DIY is complete!


Baby bat Halloween costume DIY | Hello! Hooray!

I must admit that I have never been a huge fan of Halloween, but it was really fun to be able to make this little costume! This year we’ll be doing pumpkin carving and some baking (maybe this parkin recipe), but not much else. The day before Halloween is my book launch, so that’s a bigger party for us!

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