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Woven rose bouquet hoop

Woven rose bouquet hoop | Hello! Hooray!

What a week it has been. Everything feels really heavy at the moment doesn’t it? I said this last week in my newsletter too, but it still applies: it’s okay to take time out and switch off if you need to. Hopefully, this little woven rose bouquet hoop will provide you with the perfect crafty antidote to the world this weekend.

I’ve been juggling so many things this week with an approaching deadline, that I’m only just putting this post together after lunch on Friday when it has normally been live for several hours! 😂 I had always planned to try to get ahead with The Happy Stitch Project, but this hasn’t happened yet – I’m hoping that I will be able to at some point but equally trying not to put too much pressure on myself. I still need to add some text to my chain stitch spiral hoop that I made last week, and I’m hoping to do that this weekend too.

Woven spider web rose bouquet hoop | Hello! Hooray!

I decided to stitch this project in a bright, fresh palette which is perfect for spring. I really love this blue fabric, and the colours really pop on it! I’ll be displaying it in a hoop the same colour, but I didn’t have it painted in time for today. It’s the ‘Azure’ shade of the hand painted hoops in my shop if you fancy it, and the other materials are in my haberdashery too – see below for the details and keep scrolling for a photo of the hoop colour!

Woven rose bouquet hoop: materials list

18x18cm piece of quilting cotton – this is Aero Blue from the Pure Solids range

12cm (5″) wooden embroidery hoop (will be displayed in a hand painted hoop in ‘Azure’)

DMC stranded cotton thread in the following shades: 335 (dark pink), blanc (white), 3839 (cornflower), 3851 (green) and 604 (light pink)

An aqua trick marker, or your preferred method of drawing onto fabric

Needle and small scissors

Some perle thread to finish the back (not shown on the video this week, but you can see it on this tutorial). Shade 793 matches this fabric perfectly!

Flower templates – this design in my hoop is freehand, but you can download a template to create your own here.

Woven rose bouquet with azure hoop | Hello! Hooray!

Watch the tutorial video for the woven rose bouquet hoop

Find this week’s project tutorial video here:

And if you want to watch the stitch tutorial video first (to see a 7-spoke web being stitched in real time), you’ll find that here:

Step 1

Place your pre-ironed fabric in the embroidery hoop and tighten the screw to secure in position. Take your aqua trick marker (or similar pen) and draw on a bouquet design. If you prefer, you can use the templates to help – see materials list above for the link to download.

Step 2

Thread a needle with 6 strands of 335, the dark pink shade. Using a straight stitch, stitch over the spokes of one of the webs before weaving around the create the rose. Repeat with any remaining roses in your bouquet.

Step 3

Stitch the white daisies with 6 strands of blanc thread for the petals, and add some little French knots in the centre. Use 3 strands of the cornflower blue thread (shade 3839) for the knots.

Step 4

Stitch stem stitch for the stems of the flowers, using 3 strands of shade 3851 (I think I said this is shade 959 in the video, but it’s actually the darker 3831 – sorry!).

Step 5

Use 6 strands of the light pink (shade 604) to tie a ribbon around the bouquet. Stitch a few stitches over the section where the stems overlap so it looks like they have been tied together. Adjust the bow once tied, and add a tie stitch at the end of the loops if you need to secure them in place.

Share your stitching!

Don’t forget to share your makes with me – I’m @hellohoorayblog on Instagram, but you’ll find me on Facebook and Twitter too. Or drop me an email if you prefer! I can’t wait to see your beautiful bouquets this week.

Woven rose bouquet hoop flatlay | Hello! Hooray!

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