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Project Life: September 2014

I’ve been working on my Project Life album a bit differently this month – it’s definitely been more of a ‘do a little bit in a spare 5 or 10 minutes’ kind of thing instead of sitting down and doing it for an afternoon. This is partly because I was waiting for a few photos to arrive, and then I waited to have enough for another order instead of just ordering a few at a time. But that’s one of the things I like about it – you can just pick up where you left off last!


Lots of stuff happened in September, so there was quite a bit to document. We had a day out at Beamish, and this part is still work in progress! I’m using these square pockets for the first time in my album, and they’re great!


Beamish PL pages


I’ve got some more photos to add to this, along with the tickets from our ride on the steam gallopers! I’m also going to be adding some photos of the Great North Run opening ceremony on the page after too. Then next comes a few pages of holiday snaps!


PL Holiday snaps


PL more holiday snaps


As you can see, I included the days of the week cards from the Blush kit – it was really good to document something from each day. I’ve used some textured coloured cards on the opposite page, and I like how the colours work together. I can decide what to write on them at the moment, so I’ll fill them in at a later date when inspiration strikes! My final holiday pages show some of the photos we took when we were chasing the sunset. The cards from the Kiwi kit work perfectly here – I’m not really a fan of orange, but it works so well here. I decided to mainly use big prints here to get the full effect of this beautiful sunset.


PL sunset pages


If you read my post about my time living in Newcastle, then you’ll already know that last month marked out 10 year anniversary of living here! Obviously I had to put together some scrapbook pages about this too, and it was great to be looking through all our old snaps. The first page is a selection of photos of me and Tom over the years  – as you can see, 2014 is blank, but this is because I can’t decide which one to choose from this year!


PL Anniversary post


On the next couple of pages, I’ve included a few photos and little stories of things that have happened over the years – like the time it snowed a lot, and when we grew our first carrots! Then I also wrote about my little tour of Newcastle, and I love the camera cards from the Kiwi kit here – such a cute little sketch which is perfect on these pages.


PL little stories


PL Newcastle tour


As you can see, I’m all about the colour! I like that I can keep things simple by just using cards and photos. There are so many different ways of scrapbooking, and before I started I thought it was mainly dull colours and embellishments (which really aren’t my thing). But obviously not! I am still enjoying this so much and if you’re interested in starting then I guess the best piece of advice I can give you is to do it your own way. You’ll see loads of ideas on Pinterest but don’t feel you have to do it in a particular way. An article on A Beautiful Mess this week got me thinking about this, which is why I’m mentioning it. Anyway, I’ve started working on the pages for this month and I’m hoping to do a page of Autumn photos – I found this textured card pack in TKMaxx and I’m putting it to good use with these gorgeous colours:


PL primaries cardstock


Autumn colours


I think they will look fab with some of my Autumn snaps – I’ll be sharing the pages with you next month. Happy scrapbooking! 🙂



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