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Creative hashtags for Instagram

I’ve recently got back in to Instagramming after a long break from it, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy sharing photos and browsing for photos I like. It’s really easy to edit a photo and post it in a few minutes with Little One, and I’m enjoying engaging with the community there. I got thinking about the hashtags I use (very early one morning!) and I thought it would be good to share the ones I use, look for new ones and see what you guys are using to share your photos. So I’ve put together my (non-exhaustive) list of creative hashtags for Instagram!


My creative hashtags for Instagram are divided up into the following 7 categories: craft, creativity, colour, nature and florals, blogging, food and finally, a list of other ones I couldn’t categorise.


Craft hashtags | Hello! Hooray!




I guess I post about this the most because my blog is mainly craft-related, so I’m often making use of craft hashtags. Some of them are related to specific crafts, like sewing or embroidery, whilst others are a little more general. Here are the ones I use most:


#craft – generally a good place to start! 🙂


#sewing (also tags like #patchwork and #quilting depending on the type of thing I’m making)

#crafternoon – a good hashtag if you’re sharing progress photos of a project or crafting with friends



#imadethis – good for showing off your makes!


#craftymama – I’ve started using this one since Little One was born, and it’s lovely to find other crafty Mamas



You can use #cbloggers, #craftblog or #craftbloggers to get your craft blog noticed 🙂


There are also some lovely crafty communities to get involved with:


#wemakecollective – community created by Francesca Stone from Fall for DIY and managed by Claire Wilson of Claireabellemakes

#makersgonnamake – suggested by one of my Instagram followers, Claire, and I’ll definitely be using this one – it’s for sharing current projects, craft supplies and tutorials

#craftsposure – this is a new one for me, but the @craftsposure community has over 229K followers on Instagram!

#molliemakers – for the community of Mollie Makes fans

#abmcrafty – for the crafty followers of A Beautiful Mess (just one of their many hashtags!)

#makeitsewcial – community originally created by Allison Sadler (see her latest project in the Creativity hashtags section)



Creativity hashtags | Hello! Hooray!




There are lots of great creative communities out there – some were mentioned above in the craft section – but I wanted to give particular mention to these:




#freestylecreativeliving – created by Allison Sadler, it’s a wonderful place to share and discover and I really love the ethos behind the project! Read about it here and here.





Colour hashtags | Hello! Hooray!




As you’ve probably guessed by now, I like a bit of colour! 🙂 These hashtags are great for finding inspiration:




#crafttherainbow – a side project from The House That Lars Built

#colorcolourlovers – hosted by Xanthe Berkeley and Andrea Jenkins, usually to brighten up the winter months but people seem to use this hashtag all year round (well, it’s autumn or winter somewhere in the world now!)




With some colour hashtags you need to check your spelling of ‘colour’ to see if you need to go American, but I generally stick to English English 🙂



Nature hashtags | Hello! Hooray!


Nature and florals


I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of looking at beautiful floral photography! Even a simple daisy can be just beautiful. Use these hashtags to share and find floral inspiration:





#floralfridaycompetition – run by Emily Quinton of Makelight (I really LOVE Emily’s photography)

#allthingsbotanical – Selina Lake‘s hashtag for sharing particular natural things (it’s roses for June 2016!)



#floralstyling – great for inspiration!



Blogging hashtags | Hello! Hooray!





Using the right hashtags can often get you noticed by certain groups – marketers looking for sponsor opportunities or perhaps other bloggers in the same niche or geographical area. Some of these are specific to me in the North East of England, so search out hashtags for your local area!


#lbloggers – lifestyle bloggers

#newblogpost – good to show when there’s something new up on your blog



#creativebloggers – show what you do in your hashtag

#nebloggers – this is a hashtag for bloggers in the North East of England


#hellohoorayblog – have a hashtag for your blog! 🙂



Food hashtags | Hello! Hooray!





I haven’t used too many hashtags for food – I try to avoid Instagramming my dinner if I possibly can! Most of the ones I use are baking related as that’s mainly what I do at the moment. I’d love to use some more foodie hashtags, so let me know if you have any suggestions!












Creative hashtags for Instagram | Hello! Hooray!


A few others to finish…


These are a few other hashtags that you might want to consider – I couldn’t think of a good category name for these ones as there are just a few for a few random things!














#tbt – to throwback to something from the past on a Thursday!

#followfriday or #fridayfavourite – use these to showcase another account or maker that you love


#futurecreativeprojects | Hello! Hooray!


Don’t forget that you can join me with the hashtag #futurecreativeprojects on Instagram – use that hashtag and tag me @hellohoorayblog so I can see what you’re planning to make!


I hope you found my list of creative hashtags for Instagram useful, especially if you’re new to Instagram 🙂 If you’re an old hand, are there any that I’ve missed off that you think I should be using? Let me know in the comments below!



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