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Future creative projects

Do you have a list of things that you’d like to make? I have one that’s as long as my arm! As well as Pinterest boards full of things that I might get around to doing and a huge stack of books full of beautiful projects that I’d like to complete one day. Early one morning when I was up with Little One (and the birds), I got thinking about this. I do my best thinking then…and in the bath! 🙂 Anyway, I often see things and want to make them but never get around to it. Or I pin things for later, but never look through my boards when it comes to deciding what I want to make next. At the time of discovering that particular project I do really want to make it but then the next thing comes along and I forget about the really inspirational thing that I’ve seen already. So I wanted a way of recording specific things that I very much want to do. That’s where future creative projects come in!


Future creative projects will be a way of bringing together things that inspire me to create something. It might be a particular tutorial that I want to follow to the letter, and I’ll make it exactly. Or it might be that I gather inspiration from several places to create my own version of something. A creative project might be something I sew, bake, build or experience. It can be anything creative, but I’m saving my inspiration on my blog and sharing my ideas with you.


Fat quarter stash | Hello! Hooray!


My first future creative project is to make some new cushions for our living room. We have a lovely collection of cushions that we’ve collected over the years, but they’re all a bit mis-matched! I’d really like to update them and use some lovely fabrics that compliment our purple curtains and the decor. I have pinned some inspiration on my #futurecreativeprojects Pinterest board if you’d like to see – there are lots of vintage fabrics, pretty trims and different shapes that I’d love to try! I particularly love the tutorial from Fall for DIY which would be great for using up some fat quarters.


Vintage tea cup | Hello! Hooray!


I’ll be using the hashtag #futurecreativeprojects to share my ideas on Pinterest and also on Instagram 🙂 If you’d like to join in with me then you can! Just use the hashtag on Instagram and tag me @hellohoorayblog – I’m looking forward to seeing your future creative projects, so put the kettle on and think about what you’d like to make!



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