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Brick and cross stitch hoop

Brick and cross stitch hoop | Hello! Hooray!
This week in The Happy Stitch Project, we’re stitching a really fun pattern on this brick and cross stitch hoop. Yay! It’s simple to stitch and is actually really therapeutic once you get into it.  It’s definitely easier if you draw this out on the fabric, but I’d recommend using an air erasable pen rather than something more permanent. But feel free to go freestyle if you want to just give it a go!

Brick and cross stitch hoop: materials

A 10cm (4”) Embroidery hoop (I’m using a hand painted hoop in Prince)

A piece of fabric – I’m using a piece of pink linen

Template – click here to download the free pdf!

Some DMC thread (this is shade 3837)

A needle

Small scissors

Some larger scissors

Perle thread to finish the back

Brick and cross stitch reverse | Helo! Hooray!

Watch this week’s tutorials

You’ll find this week’s stitch tutorial here on YouTube – I’m doing it freestyle here, but I’d recommend tracing the pattern and seeing which method you prefer. Drawing the design onto the fabric definitely makes it neater!

Watch the brick and cross stitch hoop project tutorial here:

Want some more inspiration?

Brick and cross stitch is really versatile, even though it is a set, repeated pattern. If you fancy experimenting a little, why not try one of these projects?!

  • Stitch the pattern around the neckline of a top, or maybe add details on the cuffs too
  • Create a stitched picture with different patterns (use the Alphabet project from Colourful Fun Embroidery for inspiration
  • Make a stitched bookmark
  • Stitch on a denim jacket like we did in week 2 with this project

I’d absolutely love to see what you stitch, so don’t forget to share it with me! I’m @hellohoorayblog on Instagram 😊

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