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YAYmakers June 2018 box review

YAYmakers June 2018 box review – thanks to lovely Kate for gifting this box to me so I can review it for you on my blog today (all opinions my own). Keep reading for a little discount too! I had seen the YAYmakers pop up on my Instagram feed a little while back, and it is filled with colourful work from a whole load of talented makers. If you’ve not come across YAYmakers yet, it’s run by Kate and Stuart from their home in Scotland. They are passionate about handmade products and supporting indie makers, and they developed this idea in order to fit around their family after several years of experience doing craft fairs in Aberdeen. Every month they select a few items for their subscription box, which includes things like exclusively designed pins, patches, notebooks, greetings cards and a whole load of other fun stuff! So I was excited to see what would be included in this month’s box…


YAYmakers box review | Hello! Hooray!


YAYmakers June 2018 box review


When you open the box, the first things that you notice are the fun products and also a note about the featured artists. This is such a good way to promote the creators of the products by sharing a little bit of information about them and links to social handles. So from a maker’s point of view, this is amazing way to connect to new and existing customers, and from a customer’s point of view, it really makes me want to go and find out more! This month’s featured enamel pin is by Katie Abey, and I have followed her on Twitter for a while now and I love her illustrations. The other makers are new to me, so this is a really good way to have a taster of their products. Everything was packaged up really well – you get a sneaky peek at the things underneath and it really does make you go ‘yay!’ 🙂


Inside the YAYmakers June 2018 box | Hello! Hooray!


Inside the YAYmakers box June 2018 | Hello! Hooray!


What was in the YAYmakers box?


So I’ve already said that the enamel pin in this month’s box was by Katie Abey – it’s a ‘Bear of Bravery’ pin, which is super cute! Pins are like little works of art as far as I’m concerned, and they are a massive trend at the moment. Knowing that you’re getting an exclusive design is a plus for this box. There are three items in the box by Nicola Rowlands, who is a new discovery for me and I think her hand lettering is ace! The greetings cards are super fun, but my favourite is the pocket mirror. That’s definitely going to be helping me through Mondays!


Katie Abey pin for YAYmakers | Hello! Hooray!


Nicola Rowlands 'Total Ledge' | Hello! Hooray!


Nicola Rowlands 'All the Feels' | Hello! Hooray!


Nicola Rowlands pocket mirror | Hello! Hooray!


I absolutely love the confetti by Pops of Colour – it’s great for parties or for photo props and backdrops. I had to take another photo of my pin on it, just because! The final item is a lovely bath bomb from Unique Creations, and it smells divine. I’m definitely looking forward to a nice soak in the tub with that, and it’s a great idea to include this to widen the range of items in the box.


Pops of Colour confetti | Hello! Hooray!


Katie Abey YAYmakers pin | Hello! Hooray!


Unique Creations bath bomb | Hello! Hooray!


What’s the verdict?


I think that Kate and Stuart are on to a winner with YAYmakers subscription boxes – the range of products is really good, and the quality is excellent. I love that I’ve found some new makers, which is a win-win for everyone really. There was even a bag of yummy sweets thrown in, and jazzies are one of my favourites! I would highly recommend this box – it’s a fantastic way to support makers and is a really good price. Another thing that I like is that you can buy a one-off box for £15.50, or save a bit by subscribing for 3 or 6 months. Postage is free in the UK which is also a bonus!


Items in the YAYmakers box | Hello! Hooray!


Get a 10% discount on your YAYmakers subscription!


If you’d like to receive 10% off your YAYmakers subscription, just enter code ‘YAY21’ at checkout – click here to subscribe! Why not follow on social media too – check out their Instagram and Facebook.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this YAYmakers June 2018 box review! All opinions and photos are my own. I received the box as a gift to review in this post.


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