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Strawberry and banana smoothie

So Easter has been and gone, and it’s back to work tomorrow. I’ve been doing my best to avoid the Sunday blues by keeping super busy all day – I’ve actually done quite well for once, which is really unusual for me! I’m trying not to focus on the negative things about going back, as we’ve had such a lovely holiday. So instead, I’ve been trying to think about how I’m going to do a bit more exercise (now it has been okayed by the physio) and how we can eat more healthily. I found this in my recipe book the other week and decided I’d make it this weekend. I don’t like to eat bananas, but I had forgotten how yummy they are in this! ‘Recipe’ is probably putting it a bit strongly as it’s SO easy to make, but it’s really good and is sure to kick-start a bit of healthy eating. 




1 medium banana (the riper the better really)

10 strawberries

A dash of milk – I use skimmed, but any would be fine


You’ll also need a good blender




1. Put the banana in the blender and whizz it up really well. (We have a turbo button on our blender so I always use that!) Then add the strawberries and whizz again.


2. Add a dash of milk and pulse the smoothie in the blender. Don’t do it too much or it could go everywhere! You can add as much or as little milk as you like here to get your preferred consistency.


3. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


You could always add a couple of spoons of Nutella instead of the strawberries…slightly less healthy but really good! 🙂



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