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Scrapbook paper thank you cards



I’ve never really got into ‘scrapbooking’ as a thing, but recently I’ve discovered that scrapbook paper is brilliant for projects where you need a small print. The first project that I did using scrapbook paper was to line the insides of my wooden drawers, and I’ve been thinking of new things to do with it ever since! I always send thank you cards for Christmas and my birthday, so I made these cards and I’m really pleased with how they turned out!


I found these Mambi cards and Seen and Noted scrapbook papers in TKMaxx (they always have good bargains in there!) and thought that they would be perfect together! I decided to use my stamps again for these cards, as it’s always good to have an excuse to be able to use them 🙂




The first step was to match the cards and papers and then stamp ‘thank you’ on the paper.



I stamped on four different designs of paper, but used blue ink for each one.




Once dry, I cut out a rectangle and then cut two strips of double-sided tape to stick on the back.




Then it can be stuck to the card. Ta-dah!




After I made the cards, I decided to make some envelopes to go with them using this funky paper!





There was one problem though – I realised after I’d made them that the Mambi cards are too big for my envelopes…argh! So I sent the card and envelope in a bigger one – I didn’t want them to go to waste! 🙂 If you’d like to make your own envelopes, check out my tutorial!

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