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Project Life storage

As I collected everything I needed to get started with Project Life, I realised that I had ended up with lots of different things in different boxes. It would be great, I thought, to have everything in one place, particularly as I don’t have a craft room so tend to move all my stuff around the house! Despite saying I wouldn’t buy any more cards having bought the Blush and Strawberry kits, I *might* have bought some more…maybe Kiwi and Honey…well, they all go together so well, and they were on offer…! But back to the Project Life storage problem. I had a look online, but all the best storage things seem to be available in America – I love this wooden one by CherieBee on Etsy, but it was really expensive for me to buy and then ship over to the UK. So I needed an alternative, and came across this box in John Lewis.




Sorry for the not-so-good photo – it was really difficult to get a good one! The box is 21 litres (not that I could really picture what size that would be from the photo online) and it came with two inserts. Each insert has 12 compartments, which is fine for the 3 x 4 cards, but the 4 x 6 ones don’t fit. I went and had a look at the manufacturer’s website and found that I could buy an insert with 6 larger compartments, so I ordered one and it came really quickly – yay!




So now that I had the inserts that I needed, I could get organising! I must admit that I LOVE to organise stuff – and I would be far more organised if I had a place to keep all my stuff in one place and easily accessible for crafting. Can you tell that I dream of having a craft room a lot?! Anyway, I started with the larger cards and realised that I needed to put some bits of sturdy card in the bottom of each one to prevent bending. I just cut up some card that was in the back of my Project Life paper packs to do this.




Next, I made some little dividers to separate each kind of card and kit in my box – I needed to do this because there aren’t enough compartments for all the kits I have now! So I used a 4 x 6 card as a guide, and made some little dividers with some spare white card I had.




The dividers have a tab in a slightly different place so that I can see what I’m looking for more easily, and I wrote the kit and card type on each one.







The 3 x 4 cards fit really well in the insert with 12 compartments – I didn’t bother making any dividers for them because a kit fits in three compartments, which is handy! So left to right, I have Blush, Kiwi, Strawberry and Honey.




It’s great being able to flick through all my cards more easily now! One thing that doesn’t fit in this box is my paper, so I got one of the scrapbooking boxes too. It has made my scrapbooking so much easier now that I have everything in one place – well, two boxes, but that’s manageable!


I also want to tell you about a really useful site that I found, where you can find out about all the Project Life kits and see what’s in each one. Check out Miss Magoo Scraps for the complete list of kits – it’s really useful if you’re wanting to get started or mix up your cards with some new ones! That’s how I realised that Kiwi and Honey would match Blush and Strawberry really nicely. You might also want to check out my Pinterest board if you’re looking for some inspiration! How do you store your Project Life kits? Has anyone gone digital with the app? I’d love to know what you think of it!




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  1. claire on July 11, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    hi great post,i’m looking for similar storage ,what is the box called as im trying to find one for my pl cards too

    • Clare on July 12, 2015 at 7:57 pm

      Hi Claire, if you click on the ‘John Lewis’ link in my post (it’s not an affiliate link) it will take you to the page for the box I bought. It’s the 21 litre box, and although it says it’s by John Lewis, it is actually by The Really Useful Boxes company. If you want the bigger inserts for this box, you’ll need to buy it direct from them as John Lewis don’t have it- click on the link where it says ‘6 larger compartments’ you’ll find it there. You could buy the box direct from them too if you prefer – there’s a link to it on the inserts page I linked up to. Hope this helps! Clare 🙂

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