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Poppy pillow pattern

Before having Little One, I managed to make one or two bits and pieces that would come in handy. After having months of not doing too much crafting, I had a couple of weeks where all I wanted to do was bake and sew! 🙂


I wanted to make a pillow for tummy time because I had all the materials and it seemed a bit bonkers to pay a lot of money for one! So I had a look online and found this Poppy pillow pattern from Made by Marzipan. It is actually for a much larger pillow for feeding support, but a friend had already bought me one of those. So I reduced the patterns by 50% to make a more suitable baby-sized one. There is a pattern to make the cover for this pillow form, which you can find here (at full size they will fit a Boppy pillow).


Poppy Pillow | Hello! Hooray!


The pattern is super easy to follow, and even with a huge baby bump which meant I could hardly reach my machine, I was able to make the cushion and a cover in a morning. Pretty good going considering how long it had been since I had made anything! I did make one other change in addition to the size – the original pattern says to insert a zip fastening. But to be honest, I really couldn’t be bothered with that at the time! So I decided to use Velcro instead, leaving a large opening on the top side to be able to attach it. It’s a baby friendly Velcro, so she won’t scratch herself on it!


Poppy Pillow covers | Hello! Hooray!


I made a couple of spare covers with some other fabric from my stash. Having a large stash comes in handy sometimes! 🙂 I love the zebras, and the little people are on the back of the quilt that I made (see more here).


Hello, Little Girl! | Hello! Hooray!


I’m really pleased with how this pillow turned out – if you’re wanting to make something for your own baby it’s an easy project, or it would make a lovely gift. Little One seems to be enjoying it too!


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