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Owl pumpkin

Owl pumpkin | Hello! Hooray!

Halloween is just a couple of days away, but if you haven’t got your pumpkin sorted yet, don’t worry! I spotted this really cool owl pumpkin template on the Hobbycraft blog and knew that I would have to give it a go. I usually go for super smiley pumpkins and thought this would be something different to do this year – and, of course, I LOVE owls! 


You will need:

A medium-sized pumpkin

A sharp knife for carving the pumpkin

My secret carving weapon: a soup spoon!

A print out of the template (which can be downloaded from the blog – I reduced it to 60% of the original size)

Scissors or a craft knife to cut out the template

Some tape

A marker pen

A tea light (or LED safety alternative if you prefer)


Step 1

Carefully cut the top off the pumpkin and then scoop out the insides – this is what the soup spoon is for! They are brilliant for scooping 🙂

Step 2

Cut out the template and then tape it to the pumpkin. Draw along the inside of the lines to mark on where you need to carve the owl design and then carefully remove the template.

Step 3

Carve out the design, making sure that you are as careful as possible. I realised as I was cutting that I had accidentally cut out one of the eye middles when I should have left it in – so I had to cut out the other one too! But I don’t think it matters too much.


Here’s my owl pumpkin when I’d finished!


Carving the owl pumpkin


There are one or two rough edges, but you can’t tell with the lights off and the tea light inside. Parts of this were a bit fiddly to carve, especially with the detail around the eyes. But take your time and you’ll have a really effective owl pumpkin.


I love this little pumpkin owl!


Finally, don’t forget to head over to the Hobbycraft website for your last-minute Halloween craft essentials!

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