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New embroidery patterns from hellohoorayshop

I’ve been a busy bee this week and there are two new embroidery patterns from hellohoorayshopBoth of these patterns are perfect for a little bit of spring stitching. I thought it would be really nice for you to stitch the ‘Hello Spring’ pattern over the next few weeks to welcome in the new season, especially as the days are getting a little longer. Yay! It’s perfect to display in your home for spring!


Hello spring with daff | Hello! Hooray!


Hello, spring you wonderful thing!


The 9-page PDF pattern is packed full with all the details you need to make this 8″ hoop. You can even choose between text only and a version with a cheery daffodil! Both versions use 3 basic stitches – back stitch, satin stitch and French knots (there are only 2 French knots so don’t be put off by that if you’ve never done them!). There are detailed step-by-step instructions and photos showing you how to do these stitches. The pattern also gives you a list of materials, colour suggestions and templates, and shows you how I finish the back of my hoops. So if you’re a beginner or a more experienced stitcher, you’ll have everything you need. If you’d like to see this pattern in my Etsy shop, click here!



Vintage floral bouquet


The second pattern now available is actually an update of the first pattern I released – it’s my vintage floral bouquet. This is also for an 8″ hoop, and it now includes step-by-step stitch guides as well. This is actually the first pattern I ever designed so I’m really proud of it! It’s based on authentic vintage floral embroidery, but the bright colours bring it a bit more up-to-date.



Also included is the material list, colour suggestions and colour guide, templates and guide to finishing the back of your hoop. If you’d like to see this pattern in my Etsy shop, click here!


Limited edition ready-stitched hoops


All three of the hoops pictured in this post are available to purchase and are waiting to head off to their new homes! These are limited edition pieces, so I won’t be stitching any more of them. For the pink ‘Hello, spring’ hoop click here; for the daffodil ‘Hello, spring’ hoop click here; for the vintage floral bouquet click here. [All pieces available at time of writing this post]. Thanks so much for supporting my little crafty venture! 🙂 If you have any questions about the patterns or hoops, leave a comment below or get in touch via Instagram @hellohoorayblog.


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