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Making our wedding invitations (part 1)

I’m so excited about our wedding next year, and what makes it even more exciting is that we’re designing and making a lot of things together. We’ve been talking about getting married for a long time now so we have a good idea of the kind of things we’d like to have, but it’s always fun to look around for more inspiration. We decided that we’d rather co-ordinate things rather than have everything matching, but there will probably be lots of pink, purple and cream. This is the first of many wedding-related posts, and today I’m sharing how we’re making our wedding invitations (part 1).


The envelopes that we’re going to send our invitations in – there is a bit of a story behind them actually! When I first started making stationery I bought a few sheets of pretty paper and eagerly took them home to make some envelopes. When I’d made some with this paper I thought: ‘They would make wonderful envelopes for wedding invitations’. And then Tom saw them and said: ‘They would be lovely for wedding invitations’ – even before I’d said it! So we agreed that we would have to have these and I went out and bought extra paper!


The flower we designed for our invitations (and the biggest inkpad ever!)

We chose pink card for the invitations, and decided that we wanted some sort of flower design for the front. Tom had the idea of using heart shaped petals to make the flower so that we can use the full flower or have one heart-shaped petal. This is going to work really well as we’ll have the petal on the bottom of each of the inserts in the invitation, which will tie everything together nicely. Once the designs were finished, we had them made into rubber stamps so that we can print the invitations in pink ink. The stamps were made by The English Stamp Company who are absolutely fantastic! You can upload your own design onto their website, and if the image isn’t quite right they will help you to solve the problem.


Our flower stamp



We don’t have access to photoshop software so were having problems with the resolution, but the lovely people at The English Stamp Company fixed that for us and emailed new versions of the files to upload so we could order our stamps. The stamps are beautiful – so well made and the results are fabulous (the E.S.C. also supplied us with the biggest inkpad I have ever seen!). And I’m so pleased that we’re designing and making things for our wedding together – it has been a fun day starting to make our invitations.


So now we just need to stamp our names on the front and then think about what goes inside…but that is for another day!


Post updated 24th June 2016.


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  1. weddingsnowandthen on October 15, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    These invitations look lovely and individual.

    • Clare on October 16, 2012 at 4:21 pm

      Thank you, Agnes! 🙂 It has been so much fun starting to make them. Plenty more still to do!

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  4. Boomdeeadda on May 31, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Your fiancé is a fun guy to do these things with you! I love that you’re doing it together. I’ve thought about getting a stamp made with the words ‘Made just for you by Boomdee’ but never get around to it….got to get that done too.

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