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Liberty Fabric Autumn Leaves


I love the variety of projects in Mollie Makes, and I particularly love finding out about new blogs and discovering new crafters. This project is from last year but I didn’t get round to making it at the time, and I’ve been planning on making it as an autumn project for this year! These Liberty fabric leaves from issue 19 are just gorgeous, and Jenny Dixon’s blog is a great find. Jenny has included a free tutorial to make a different design of leaf on her blog, but I’ve made a leaf that appeared in the magazine (templates are available to download – click here). The fabric I’ve used is Liberty Tana Lawn in Wiltshire Berry print, and I’ve used extra wire here in order to make my leaf into a bookmark.

You will need:

Liberty fabric (it’s a good way to use up your scrap fabric – anything with a small print will work)
Some craft wire
Lightweight interfacing
Needle and thread

The first step is to draw around the leaf template that you want to use (I use greaseproof paper to make the templates – it’s really easy to cut out and pin on to any fabric!). Then iron some lightweight interfacing onto the back of your fabric. Fold it in half, pin the template through both sides (so that you can cut two leaves at the same time) and then carefully cut around the template.


Then use the template to cut out another leaf shape on some wadding, cutting it slightly smaller than the fabric leaves. Next, take a long piece of wire and double it to form a little loop at the end before twisting the rest to make a stem. Leave the ends free so that you can put them inside the leaf to act as spines.

Layer the leaves up with the wadding and wire in the middle and then pin it to secure it. Thread a needle with thread and sew the layers together around the edges with a fairly small running stitch.


When the edges are completely sewn and the wire is secure (you may need to add a few little extra stitches at the back to secure it firmly), sew a running stitch to make the spines of the leaf.


Ta-dah! That’s it – a super easy project that looks great and only takes around 30-40 minutes to make 🙂


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  1. LubbyGirl on October 19, 2013 at 6:31 am

    oh, this is cute – and I have a BUNCH of fabric that would work great for this idea.

    • Clare on October 19, 2013 at 9:12 am

      Ooh that’s great! Would love to see pictures if you make some! 🙂

      • LubbyGirl on October 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm

        I’m working on a little jeans purse right now, but I want to try this idea when I get this (and one more I promised a friend I’d do and post) done. It is just so pretty!

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