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Kitchen progress: Part 1

Our kitchen rebuild is in full swing and now that the builders have finished for the Christmas holidays, I thought that it was about time that I shared a little update with you! At first, it didn’t look like a lot was happening from the front – the roof and garage door were still there and so anyone walking past was probably wondering what all the noise was about! That’s because inside, the floor was being dug up in preparation for new foundations. This was quite a noisy process, so we were glad to be mostly out at work when this was happening…


The builders discovered that our garage didn’t have any foundations (!!) so extra calculations and building control approval were required before they could go in. For a while it felt like we had bought a big hole! But then the happy day came when everything was approved and the concrete arrived!




Now it felt like this was really happening! The foundations and part of the floor went in last week, and the walls have been going up this week. It’s good to get to this point, and now we’re really able to picture the size a bit more easily.


New kitchen walls!


In January our new roof will be going on, and then once the windows are in the old kitchen wall will be knocked down to make a big L-shaped kitchen. Exciting! 🙂



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