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Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going hoop

I was really excited to share my Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going hoop last week!  Most of my current projects are fairly top secret, and I’ve found it difficult to keep this one quiet because I loved working on it so much and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. The design was something I had wanted to try out for a while, and when I heard about the Keep Going campaign, I knew it would be perfect for that. I’d also wanted to try out my own negative space embroidery design too, so it seemed like a good combination!


Indie Roller Keep Going


In case you don’t know about Indie Roller, I’ll brief you on the basics! The Facebook group The Indie Rollercoaster was set up by Leona from Lucky Dip Club as ‘a supportive community for creative independent business owners to share information, experience and cheerlead one another!’. It’s an amazing community, and what I love about it the most is how supportive people are. You definitely get that sense of community over competition, and in the creative world that’s becoming so much more important. The ‘Keep Going’ idea grew from that, and people have been submitting their own pieces to provide daily motivation and to share what inspires them to keep sharing their work with the world. I’m always really interested to hear about that, and the contributions have been amazing! You can check out the Keep Going Indie Roller Instagram if you want to see more of the submissions so far.


Keep Going hoop colours | Hello! Hooray!


My Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going hoop


So my hoop uses quite a few colours (36 in total!) in order to create the 3D effect of the geometric pattern. I did play around with them a little bit to take some photos – putting things in rainbow order is always fun (like my rainbow shelf in my craft room!). The hoop is stitched entirely with satin stitch, so it took a little while to put together. I think I spent about 2 and a half weeks stitching on an evening and when Little One was asleep, so it was a big project to finish even though it’s in a 6″ hoop.


Keep Going geo pattern | Hello! Hooray!


I started by stitching around the letters first, to make sure that I was happy with the negative space and the tension around it. There were a few tiny patches of colour and fiddly bits to stitch. I find the middle of the letter ‘o’ quite pleasing! To keep the stitching consistent, I stitched each shade in the same direction to make it look nice and neat. When I had almost finished, I realised that there was one purple side going in the wrong direction…so I had to unpick it and do it again! Otherwise it would have bugged me forever… I decided to use a royal blue paint to paint my hoop, and I think it sets off all the colours nicely.


Keep Going geo satin stitch | Hello! Hooray!


Keep Going negative space embroidery | Hello! Hooray!


Keep Going cards from hellohoorayshop


This piece is a bit too time consuming to make them to order, so I decided to have some cards made with this design! It comes in three different colours and they are currently available to pre-order here (I’m hoping to have them ready to ship over the next couple of weeks). Which one is your favourite?! I keep changing my mind haha! 🙂


Keep Going cards | Hello! Hooray!


Keep Going yellow card | Hello! Hooray!


Keep Going blue card | Hello! Hooray!


Keep Going pink card | Hello! Hooray!


This card would be a perfect reminder to keep going – a daily dose of inspiration and colour. Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far! And a big thank you to Indie Roller for such a fantastic campaign. I can’t wait to see more of these super illustrations and designs!



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