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How to make an ipad case

Last week, I became more up-to-date in the technology world because my new ipad arrived! I mainly bought it for work because we’ve recently moved to a new office and have started hotdesking. For those of you who have hotdesked (is that a word?!) the very mention of it may make you shudder. If you haven’t, then you should appreciate every single inch of your own personal desk space – you never know when it might disappear! It was definitely worth investing in an ipad because in addition to doing lots of work I can now blog on the go, which is fabulous! Another advantage is that I get to make my own accessories to go with it (which is also rather fabulous). As with a lot of things that I make I didn’t have a pattern, so I just sort of made it up – but I tried to measure as I went along so that I could make this post into a sort of tutorial. At each stage I kept measuring the case against my ipad (with its cover on), so you may wish to do the same. If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

You will need:

A piece of cotton 38 x 60cm for the lining
4oz wadding, measuring 40 x 60cm (I split it in half so it wasn’t quite as thick)
A piece of cotton duck fabric (or other fabric for the outside) measuring around 44 x 64 cm
Cotton (in a colour to match or contrast with your material)
Ribbon (enough to loop around the button when you’ve sewn it on, so measure later)
An iron
Sharp scissors or pinking shears

Step 1: Cut out your piece of cotton for the lining. Place the ipad on the fabric and work out where the top of the hem should be (I allowed a couple of centimetres to make sure that the case covers the ipad). Pin securely along the top hems and then sew, before pinning the sides together and sewing them together.

Step 2: Place the ipad inside the lining and then wrap the wadding around to fit. Trim off any excess. Then place all of this on top of the outer material that you would like to use, and cut to size (allowing excess for hems).

Step 3: Take the outer material and fold so that the patterned sides are together. Turn back to make the top hem a couple of centimetres higher than the lining, pin and press with an iron (I didn’t sew the top hem here – I did it when I attached the lining to make it a bit neater). Place the ipad with the lining and wadding in the middle of the material and pin down the sides. Remove and sew down the side edges.

Step 4: Turn the outer layer inside out and place the ipad, lining and wadding inside (this may take a few minutes as you need to make sure that everything is in the right place before sewing!). Pin the lining to the outer layer, making sure the the top hem of the lining overlaps with the outer layer a little.

Step 5: Before sewing the lining and outer layers together, place the button where you would like it to be and sew it on. Then measure out a length of ribbon, making sure that you can tuck it in between the lining and outer layer and that it will be secure around the button. Hand stitch it in place.Step 6: Now you need to attach the lining. Don’t be worried if the lining seems much smaller here – hand stitch or machine stitch as far along the straight edges as you can, without stitching over the side hems.

Step 7: The final thing to do is to sew over the top of the case, from the outer edges until you reach the hem of the lining. This should be hand stitched, and you probably only need to sew around a centimetre in. Make sure you go over the top of the case (see photo).

Ta-dah! You now have your own unique ipad case! I like the contrast of the vintage style fabric with the ultra modern technology 🙂

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