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Felt brooches

In case you missed my post, I have been featured in issue 47 of Craftseller magazine as their Blogger of the Month – yay! I am super excited about this (as if you hadn’t guessed!), especially as I was asked to design a copyright-free tutorial for their website. The design that appears there is a little bird felt brooch, but I had lots of other ideas when I was designing it and I thought I would put a bonus design on my blog too!


Out of the other things that I roughly sketched, this little fox was my favourite. I wanted to do something a little different for the actual feature, because I know that foxes are everywhere right now! But every time I opened my sketchbook, there he was, and I just had to make him. The making principles for the fox brooch are the same as the bird, although there is a little less embroidery on the fox in terms of different stitches. I kept the border of this brooch a little simpler, but you could do a scalloped edge like I did on my bird brooch if you prefer.




Felt Fox Brooch templates – click to download

A brooch back and a small piece of plasticard

You’ll also need a needle, possibly a pin or two, as well as some sharp scissors.


The felt I used for this brooch is from Wool Felt Company in orange and turquoise.


The threads I used are: Anchor 433 (blue), Anchor 333 (orange), DMC 712 (cream) and black thread too. Just make sure that you match your thread and your felt, whatever you make on your brooch!



Get stitching!


For the most part you’ll need to follow my tutorial on the Craftseller blog, but here are a few additional tips to help you with this design, relating to stitching the fox on to the front felt piece:


  • You’ll need to position the body over the tail piece, and then neatly stitch them on to the circle of felt (the bird felt piece doesn’t have to be neat as it gets covered up!). Once they are secure, stitch the head on.


  • Stitch the nose on using black thread and satin stitch, then stitch the cheeks (do foxes have cheeks?! You know what I mean, anyway!) using the same stitch but with cream thread. Outline this first as shown on the bird brooch tutorial.


  • I stitched the eyes last, using some small French knots.


  • Once the fox is stitched, follow step 6 of my bird brooch tutorial to finish it, and then it will be ready to wear!



Felt brooch


This is my little bird brooch – be sure to let me know if have a go at making this, the fox, or your own version of a felt brooch! Share them with me via Facebook, Twitter or tag me @hellohoorayblog on Instagram. I’d really love to see what you make! 🙂



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