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Fabric covered exercise books

It’s National Stationery Week this week, and I thought I’d make a little project to celebrate (as a bonus post for today – yay!). These fabric covered exercise books take no time at all to make and are great for fabric stash busting! I’ve used mini notebook-sized ones here, but any size notebook with a thick paper cover will work just fine. Make one for yourself or a set of three for a little gift! Although I have used a plain fabric here, patterns do work best so bear this in mind when you’re choosing what to use.


You will need:


Some notebooks – I used these Moleskine plain paper notebooks which come in a set of 3

Fabrics – fat quarters would be great and will cover most sizes, leaving plenty spare

Mod Podge and a paintbrush

Sharp scissors or a rotary cutter and cutting mat

An iron


Step 1


Press your fabrics before starting. Then place a notebook on the fabric to measure how big it needs to be – these notebooks have a little flap i the back, which I covered as well. Cut out the fabric, leaving a few millimetres around each edge, and then trim what will be the inside edge to neaten it.


Measuring the fabric for the notebook


Step 2


Spread some Mod Podge on to one side of your notebook – I started with the inside flap here. Don’t spread too much on or it will just go a bit gloopy.


Spread a little Mod Podge


Leave for 30 seconds before placing the fabric on top, smoothing out any bumps.


Smooth out the fabric as you go


Step 3


Repeat with the other sides of the notebook, smoothing the fabric as you go.


Repeat with the other sides of the notebook


Step 4


Leave to dry for a while – you’ll probably find that the books bend a little, which is fine! Once they felt dry, I put them on my table and stacked a load of books on top of them to flatten them out again.


Fabric covered notebooks


These notebooks will be really useful for jotting down my blogging ideas on the go! 🙂


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