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Do your thing embroidered hoop

Do Your Thing embroidered hoop | Hello! Hooray!
It’s week 7 of The Happy Stitch Project, and this week we’re starting to stitch something that we’ll work on next week and the week after as well. The Do Your Thing embroidered hoop uses arrowhead stitch to fill in the letters, so we’ll be stitching that this week in some beautiful pastel shades. I really love using this stitch to fill in lettering, and I decided that I wanted to follow the shape of the letters here. If you prefer, you could stitch the arrowheads at different angles inside the letters – it’s entirely up to you! Next week we’ll add some stem stitch around the edges of the letters to really make them pop. Then the week after that we’ll add little extra flourishes around the edges of the hoop with another new stitch.

I picked these words for this week because I’ve been hearing lots of small business friends saying that they’re suffering with the dreaded comparison at the moment. But it’s not just people who run a small business; anyone can feel it, and life in lockdown is making this more difficult. I think because everything is online at the moment, it’s easy to only present the best bits on social media. It’s something I talked about this week in this blog post. So this hoop is designed to be a little reminder to us all to keep doing our own thing. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing; we’re all on our own journey and doing what works for us. Just keep doing you!

Do Your Thing embroidered hoop: materials list

17cm (7″) embroidery hoop

A piece of white cotton or linen fabric, measuring 25 x 25cm (10 x 10″)

Templates (click to download)

A permanent method of design transfer, such as a Sublime Stitching pen and hand embroidery transfer paper

DMC shades from perfect pastels thread pack – next week we’ll also use shade 03 to stitch around the edges of the letters


Some embroidery scissors

Do Your Thing arrowhead lettering | Hello! Hooray!

Watch the Do Your Thing embroidered hoop tutorial video

Watch the arrowhead stitch tutorial here first if you want to practice first.

Do Your Thing hoop reverse | Hello! Hooray!

Step 1

Trace the templates (see the materials list for the link to download) onto the fabric using your chosen method. If you’re using a heat pen and transfer paper, check out my tutorial video here. Place your fabric in your hoop.

Step 2

Thread your needle with 3 strands of the first colour of thread. Starting at the bottom of the letter ‘D’, stitch arrowhead stitches moving upwards and around in the direction of the letter. Think about the direction as though you were writing it and follow that! Make sure you don’t stitch over the lines around the edges, as we’ll be adding stem stitches around the edges next week.

Step 3

Repeat with the remaining letters, until all of them are filled in. And that’s it for this week! If you don’t want to add stem stitch, you could always stitch a back stitch around the edges instead this week 😊


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