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Crafty Colour Palette #4

Crafty Colour Palette #4 is inspired by the logo of my favourite social media, Instagram.  I’ve already shared this hoop in the post about my hand embroidered social media icons, but I didn’t tell you about the colours that I chose because I wanted to share them with a project that you could stitch yourself. My favourite thing about this little Instagram hoop is the ombre shading! It was the first time that I had experimented with it, but now I want to use it more in my work. This colour palette is particularly lovely, and it reminds me of summer.


Crafty Colour Palette #4 in DMC thread | Hello! Hooray!


Crafty Colour Palette #4: Colour list


Pale gold = DMC 726 / Anchor 295

Mid gold = DMC 743 / Anchor 302

Dark gold = DMC 742 / Anchor 303

Orange = DMC 740 / Anchor 316

Dark orange = DMC 947 / Anchor 330

Coral = DMC 3705 / Anchor 35

Hot pink = DMC 600 / Anchor 59

Plum = DMC 917 / Anchor 89

Purple = DMC 3837 / Anchor 100

Violet = DMC 333 / Anchor 119


Hand embroidered Instagram logo | Hello! Hooray!



If you look really carefully, you’ll notice that there’s actually a hint of blue in the Instagram logo in the top left corner. I used a few strands of DMC 792 (Anchor 941) in this logo, but I haven’t included it in this colour palette. One reason is that I wanted an even number of colours! The second is that I love the summer vibe of this colour palette, and preferred it without the blue.


Instagram colour palette | Hello! Hooray!


Crafty Colour Palette #4: Eat Sleep Craft Repeat


So to celebrate the beauty of these gorgeous colours, I designed a little hoop to use them to full effect. This quote is a fun way to use an ombre effect, but you could use any quote really. My tip would be to keep it short enough not to be stitching forever, but long enough to be able to use a good range of colours. There are 10 in this project using the colour list earlier in the post.


Eat Sleep Craft Repeat ombre embroidery | Hello! Hooray!


You will need


The printed templates (click here to download for free!)

15cm (6″) embroidery hoop

20 x 20cm (8 x 8″) piece of white linen fabric

Your preferred method of transferring designs to fabric (a permanent method is ideal)

DMC threads as listed above (I use DMC but have given Anchor numbers in the list above too)

Needle and some small sharp scissors

Optional paint for your hoop


Step 1


Transfer the design on to the fabric and place it in the centre of your hoop. Thread your needle with 3 strands of the colour you want to use at the top of the word ‘eat’ (I used DMC 726 for this).


Bring the needle up at one side of the letter, and make a stitch by pushing it through at the other side of the letter. Keep your stitch nice and level – if you’re using linen, follow the line of the fabric as a guide. Make another stitch, leaving a gap between. Repeat to fill in the stitches until you have a clear band of this colour at the top of the letter.


Now thread your needle with three strands of the second colour, and stitch a band in the middle of the letter. Repeat with the third colour, as shown in the photo:


Ombre stitching step 1 | Hello! Hooray!


Step 2


When you have stitched blocks of each colour with gaps in between, fill in with stitches in between to blend the colours. Leave gaps between the stitches so that you can fill in with a lighter or darker shade – like this:


Ombre stitching step 2 | Hello! Hooray!


Ombre stitching step 3 | Hello! Hooray!


Don’t worry if you have any wonky edges – you can always correct these later!


Step 3


I used a lot of colours here, so stitched the first letters to show the finished effect, then the second with colour blocks so you can see the main colours. The colours are allocated like this:


EAT = shades 726, 743 and 742

SLEEP = shades 742, 740 and 947

CRAFT = shades 947, 3705, 600 and 917

REPEAT = shades 917, 3387 and 333


Ombre stitching step 4 | Hello! Hooray!


I put a hint of the darkest orange at the top of ‘craft’ and I think that helps with the ombré effect through the lettering, rather than having yellows and oranges in the top half and pinks and purples in the bottom.

Keep filling in the letters until everything is complete. I actually found it easier to block one colour at a time and then fill in the gaps – I only did it like this at first to be able to check it worked and to take a photo for this post!


Step 4


Once you’ve finished stitching, you’re ready to finish the back of your hoop. If you want to paint it, now is the time! I originally thought I’d put this in a yellow hoop, but it didn’t quite look right for me. The colour I used for my social media hoops gives a really lovely contrast, so I just repainted it. I finished the back by trimming the fabric about 1” from the edge, and then gathering with some white thread.


Eat Sleep Craft Repeat hoop guts | Hello! Hooray!




Your hoop is now ready to display.


Crafty Colour Palette #4 ombre embroidery | Hello! Hooray!



Do let me know if you have a go at stitching this project!


I would love to see how you interpret this fun project – it would look great in any crafty space. Or if you use this ombre effect on your own project, let me know! Tag me @hellohoorayblog if you share on social media. Happy stitching!



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