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Christmas bauble garland

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and although we’re not having a tree this year (on account of our fridge freezer and washing machine camping out in our living room) we have put up a couple of things to try and bit a little bit festive! I had my eye on these gorgeous mini glass baubles from Paperchase for a few weeks, and then came up with the idea for this little garland. The baubles are 2cm in diameter, so are just perfect for this project! It’s SO easy to make and you can have it made and on display in about 20 minutes. Yay!


You will need:


Some mini glass baubles

About 125cm baker’s twine (this was the length I needed – alter as appropriate!)

Sharp scissors

Tape measure or ruler

A couple of pins to hang it up


Mini glass baubles


Step 1


Match up the ends of your twine, and then thread one of the baubles through one side so it sits in the middle of the whole piece. Tie a knot so that the bauble stays in position.


Position the first bauble


Step 2


Thread another bauble along one side of the twine. Using your tape measure, position the second bauble so that it is 10cm/4″ apart from the first. Tie a knot to secure it in position.


Measure and position the second bauble


Step 3


Repeat step two with your other baubles – I found it easier to do one side and then the other so that I could spread out the colours evenly. Make sure that you leave enough twine at each end to be able to make the loops in the next step.


Step 4


To make the loops to hang your garland, make a small loop at the end of the twine and tie a knot. Cut off any excess twine so that it doesn’t look messy, and then you can hang it up! I used a couple of push pins in our wall which makes minimal mess.


Making the loops


We hung our garland underneath Reggie, who is our lovely reindeer – he also has some of these lovely baubles on his antlers!


Reggie and our garland


What have you been crafting for Christmas?


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