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Catching up with 2014

It has been AGES since I had a good chunk of time to catch up with Project Life! I had stopped at October, which is when we were packing things up and getting ready for our kitchen work to begin, so had a lot to catch up with. Catching up with 2014 was important before I forgot what to include! But I needed to give myself some proper time to do this – I always end up with cards and pages and photos everywhere, so I need time to make a mess and tidy up afterwards! 


Although I usually do my scrapbooking month by month, it was really nice to cover a longer period of time. I was a bit worried that I would forget lots of things, but having all my photos in iPhoto has helped with that – it even tells me what date I did things! So I had a browse and chose a few events each month to document. Weren’t the colours beautiful in Autumn?


Autumn project life pages


One thing I have done differently this time is that I have printed out my own photos. Yay! I got a new printer when I got my new computermabob and I love it – can’t imagine how we didn’t have one for so long now! I did have a scout about for a 3×4″ blank template on the internet, as this would have been super helpful for sizing, but I couldn’t find one (let me know if you know where I can find one!). So instead I just printed out a trial photo to test the size. 6.4 x 6.4cm is the perfect size to fit these cards – I just put all my photos into a word document and then printed them out on some everyday photo paper, leaving a bit of room to cut out. I managed to fit 8 photos this size onto an A4 page.


Photo printing at home


I think that home printing will be so much easier, although I will get some printed from Inkifi every now and again! 🙂 I experimented with a larger size photo for the 6 x 4″ cards, and 8 x 8cm works well for these.


It was fun to put together my December pages, and I used the Merry and Bright kit for the month, along with some cards that I made from the primaries cardstock pack. The colour combinations of this pack work so well together, and it makes for a set of fun and bright pages!


Merry and bright


December pages


So that marks the end of 2014 in my Project Life album! I decided that I would use the final page cards from the Strawberry and Blush kits to mark the end of the year in my album – the quotes seemed to work well here. I am going to make a 2015 title page, but I’ll share that with you another day (once I’ve actually finished it!).


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