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Bits & Bobs: June 2015

My bits & bobs post for last month is a little late – sorry! I have been really poorly over the last week with this horrible virus that’s going around, so haven’t really been doing anything other than sleeping. And to be honest, I’m not really a sleepy person so it has been a bit strange for me! It felt like someone stole our weekend last weekend (Tom had it too) so we’re looking forward to doing some of the things we had planned to do this weekend. Fingers crossed for nice weather so we can get out in the garden! These poppies in the main photo are growing on the old waggonway near our house, and I’m keeping an eye on them so that I can get some seeds from them when they’re ready.


Portobello Road | Hello! Hooray!


So the main event in June was obviously my trip to London for Blogtacular (click here and here to see my posts about it if you haven’t seen them already). You can now see Grace Bonney’s keynote speech here – well worth a watch if you weren’t there. I am still coming down from it to be honest! I was wondering if that was a bit weird, but it seems like so many other people feel the same way. So many ideas have come from it for us all – it was just frustrating to not be able to work on them last weekend! Although, having sat down this morning to write this and make some plans, I think the enforced time out has been a good thing for me. I am ALWAYS busy, and I do love that, but I am really bad at switching off and doing nothing! So today I am planning and making and feeling grateful of the time to do that. Happy days! 🙂


I took so many photos whilst I was in London and I do have a couple more posts planned, so look out for those! One of which is about Columbia Road flower market, which I think has to be one of my favourite places. Here’s a taster for now:


Columbia Road flower market


Sunflowers at Columbia Road


I really enjoyed the coverage of Glastonbury last weekend (if you didn’t see it, I think you can catch up on iPlayer). Lionel Richie was amazing! I’ve actually seen him live in Newcastle, and he’s such a talented musician. You can see why he’s been around for decades, and he was obviously overwhelmed at the response he got last weekend. Also loved hearing Leon Bridges sing an acoustic version of one of his new tracks. If you haven’t guessed, I’m a huge fan of soul music and I love his old-school style. Very Sam Cooke-esque, so if you like that sort of thing then you should have a listen.


Ready for Blogtacular


My on the train reading for my journey to Blogtacular was Pip Lincolne’s Craft for the Soul, and it really was the perfect reading for my trip. I enjoyed it SO much that I read half of it on the way down, and the other half on the way back! I’m actually reading it again now, and will hopefully write a little review of it for you soon. I don’t think it’s actually out in the UK yet – I bought mine from Australia as I couldn’t wait! Pip’s lovely blog Meet Me At Mikes is one of my always read blogs, and I’d highly recommend it.


July has started well so far, and I’m hoping to be posting more regularly again 🙂 Hope you all had a super month! If you have any recommendations of things to do/see/hear then just leave me a comment below!


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