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Amy Butler A-line Skirt


I haven’t made any clothes or done any big sewing projects since making our wedding waistcoats, but I’ve been planning several things and collecting fabrics to make them! I really like A-line skirts as they’re not too tricky to make and are really versatile, so I decided to start with this project first. This was the first piece of clothing that I ever made when I was first getting in to sewing – then I had a bit of a lull for a while before really getting back into it. Here’s a photo of that skirt, which I made using Amy Butler fabric:


I was pleased with this skirt, but the zip could have been a bit tidier at the back. Not bad for my first attempt though! I still haven’t got around to getting the invisible zip foot for my Mum’s old machine so more hand stiching for now…The pattern I’m using is Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirts, which includes 3 different ways of making the skirt, but I’m using the simplest one here.


The material I chose for this is a Liberty Tana Lawn in Wiltshire Berry print. I’ve teamed this up with a fuchsia pink lining, which is basic quilter’s cotton fabric.



The first few steps are fairly easy, but I had forgotten that putting the outer and lining together was a bit more complicated, so a bit of unpicking was required! After that, I just had to slipstitch around the outside of the zip to neaten it up.



I’m really pleased with how this skirt turned out – in fact, I’m planning on making another one soon!


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