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A weekend in Edinburgh: Camera Obscura


One of our friends suggested to us that we visit the Camera Obscura during our visit to Edinburgh last month, and it was an excellent suggestion. When she told us about it, she said that it is quite difficult to describe, but we would know what she meant when we visited. And she was right! But this is a good thing, and you have to see it to believe it!

I couldn’t take photos of the Camera Obscura itself – it is in a darkened room, but we were shown amazing views of the city by our guide. There are fantastic views from the rooftop terrace, which allowed for more photo opportunities! It was quite a dark day, so some are better than others.




There were some amazing chimney pots, and I’m wondering if I can take some inspiration from them for a crafty project…this will require more thinking!



After admiring the views, we went through the exhibitions in the World of Illusions. There are lots of magic eye prints (including an amazing one of wolves in a wood – my description isn’t doing it justice but it’s hard to describe!), holograms and other installations to trick the eyes and the mind. There is also a mirror maze and light exhibitions which are wonderful – I’m pleased with how these photos turned out!




This final photo is taken at the end of the Giant Vortex Tunnel – you walk across a stationary bridge whilst the light wall spins around you. It made me feel so queasy but Tom was fine! He obviously has a much stronger stomach than me!


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