In issue 8 of The Simple Things magazine, there was a wonderful feature about shopping arcades around the UK. I was fascinated by the stories behind them, and it inspired me to go out and take some photos of my local arcade – Central Arcade in Newcastle. If you’re a visitor to Newcastle it’s definitely worth a look (the Visitor Information Centre is there, which is handy!). If you’re a native, then you should go and take time to admire this beautiful place.



There are so many beautiful things about this building – the glass ceiling, the balconies, the arches…but my favourite thing about it is the tiled floor with its amazing patterns.



If you’re about and about in your own city, or travelling about, take time to look at the architecture around you – there’s so much to see!



This is part of the original article from The Simple Things – such a fab magazine! They also have an excellent blog, so check it out!