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I’m so SO excited to be starting Project Life this month – today, in fact! πŸ™‚ Project Life has taken the scrapbooking world by storm (just in case you’ve never heard of it) and having admired the kits and bits and bobs that you can get for so long, I’m taking the plunge and starting my first scrapbooking adventure.


Project Life is a pocket scrapbooking system, and this is one of the things that originally attracted me to it (other than the pretty colours and patterns!). I think this will be good for doing little bits at a time – something that I can pick up and do a little of, and I can put a few post its in as reminders of what needs to go where. I like having the option of the different size cards on a page too, and the pockets come in lots of different layouts. I decided to get a box of different pockets to mix and match, and I also got the Blush pink chevron album (pink AND chevrons – what’s not to love?!).






I must admit that if there’s a choice of a set of something, I don’t usually like mixing it up with another set – but I really couldn’t decide between the Blush and Strawberry core kits and thought that they would compliment each other really well! I got one of them on offer from Hobbycraft, so decided to get the other one too – I shouldn’t need to buy any for a long time!




So here are my first pages – I’ve mixed up the Blush and Strawberry cards and I think it looks fab! Can’t wait to get making more pages, and I’ll add a few bits on these ones too πŸ™‚






There are so many different things that you can buy for Project Life, and I’m not going to lie, it can get a bit pricey. This was probably the main reason I put off doing it for so long! But the materials are such good quality, and by shopping around and getting a good deal you can get it a little cheaper. One of the best things I’ve bought is the round corner punch (see photo below). You could easily use this to make some of your own cards – print or stamp your own for a totally unique scrapbook. I’ll definitely be adding a few of my own into mine!




Despite my initial doubts about the cost, I am so pleased that I’m starting my Project Life scrapbook. Shop around and buy little bits at a time to build up your stash, and this will spread the cost. For UK people, check out Hobbycraft for supplies. I’m an even bigger fan of Craftie Charlie and Papermaze though – support independent businesses! πŸ™‚


I’ll be sharing my pages as I go, but would love to see yours if you already do this – leave a comment on the post with a link to any blog posts you’ve done!




  • Kayley Appleseed

    01.08.2014 at 10:23 Reply

    I am totally addicted to project life! I have a collection of 4 different core kits that I mix and match, Dear Lizzy is my favourite designer by far. Can’t wait for the Project Life app to come out next month!! Good luck and happy scrapbooking!

    • Clare

      01.08.2014 at 12:40 Reply

      Ooh, I’ll have to have a look at some of those designs! Thank you for your encouragement – this is totally new to me so I don’t know where it will take me…I’m excited though

  • fallfromgrace349

    01.08.2014 at 11:59 Reply

    what a lovely idea, Ive never heard of it before but glad I have now. Such cute design πŸ™‚

    • Clare

      01.08.2014 at 12:41 Reply

      Isn’t it cool? There are so many different core kits in loads of different styles – so difficult to choose!

      • fallfromgrace349

        01.08.2014 at 13:55 Reply

        Will have to get one every few months to try them all! πŸ™‚

  • Grace Elizabeth's

    02.08.2014 at 00:23 Reply

    I started Project Life this year! However, I am going the digital route to cut down on costs πŸ™‚ Love your colorful spreads. I have shared some of my layouts here:

  • Sonja Knaisch

    02.08.2014 at 03:18 Reply

    Remember Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Their cards are double sided, coordinate with all Stampin’ Up products, are exclusive designs and come in a great storage box. Stampin’ Up and Becky Higgins (founder of Project Life) are partners. Take a peek at…
    I’m happy to help anyone who wants to know more.
    Sonja Knaisch

  • Deanna

    02.08.2014 at 03:21 Reply

    Love Project Life! I just finished a huge album for my daughter spanning 7 years. The pictures in the 80’s were smaller and the PL album was perfect! I take a lot more pictures now, or did, and have a lot of scrapped pages that I’m going to mix in with the PL pages. Have fun! Found you via Twitter, I think!

    • Clare

      02.08.2014 at 14:07 Reply

      Wow! That’s such an amazing project – I bet she’ll treasure it forever

  • Boomdeeadda

    02.08.2014 at 14:04 Reply

    I’m excited for you Clare! We sell this at the Scrapbooking store I work at. It’s super fun to see results so quickly. There’s quite a lot on Pinterest too. Like free printable’s here

    and layout ideas here

    Have fun!!!

    • Clare

      02.08.2014 at 14:05 Reply

      Oh my, I don’t think I could work there – I’d never bring home any wages haha!

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