Flow – Book for Paper Lovers



I discovered Flow magazine through Instagram – I kept seeing beautiful photos of things that were in the latest issue! Then I discovered that they had issued a special book to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the magazine. How could I resist?! 


As you flick through the pages of the Book for Paper Lovers, you cannot help but be delighted. I’m speaking as a stationery nut here – so if you love paper then you’ve got to get a copy!




There are beautiful papers:




Postcards to send:




Gift tags:




Craft ideas:




Beautiful words of wisdom:




And then even more paper!




These are just a few of my favourite things in this book – but there are so many more! It’s a bit like a Where’s Wally puzzle, in that each time you look, you see something that you didn’t before. This books costs €14.95, which some people may think is a little pricey. But I think it was worth every bit! I’m probably just going to admire it for a little while, so I can think carefully about what to use each thing for…


If you would like to buy a copy, visit the Flow website. They have a cool blog too!


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