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Sun dried tomato and parmesan bread | Hello! Hooray!

Sun dried tomato and parmesan bread

By Clare Albans / 03 Apr 2014

I have wanted to make this delicious sun dried tomato and parmesan bread from scratch for some time now, because we usually buy the packet mix (which is super tasty).

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Hot Cross Buns

By Clare Albans / 30 Mar 2013

Hot cross buns are my favourite Easter treat by far – in actual fact, I love them so much that I tend to eat them all year round! (They do sell them all year round in Marks and Spencer, which is very helpful.) I did once ask Tom’s Dad, Keith, if he would like a…

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Bake your own bread | Hello! Hooray!

Bake your own bread

By Clare Albans / 20 Oct 2012

Bake your own bread Today was the first Saturday that I’ve been at home for a few weeks, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to bake some bread. I think that some people are put off making it because they think it might take too long or that it might be too…

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