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Where to find inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but a good place to start is by looking at photos that other people have taken. I really want you to get into the habit of observing when it comes to looking at other people’s photos, so it’s a good idea to really look at your favourites and avoid doom scrolling where you can. There is a difference between observing and copying though – you should NEVER copy anyone else’s work or style. Observing to learn is different from copying, so make sure that you don’t ever try to copy someone else. Remember that your photography is about telling your story, and you can’t do that by copying.


Inspiration on Instagram

Below is a list of some amazing accounts that I follow on Instagram that you can look at if you like. Each has a different style, and if you’re looking for inspiration then I’d recommend starting here! Make a note of their styles so that you can compare with your notes from Task 2.








White chocolate rocky road little baker | Hello! Hooray!

My personal style

When I started trying to improve my own photography, I did these first two exercises to really think about what I wanted my style to be like. The light was particularly important to me – my work is light, bright and colourful and I decided that these were key elements that I wanted to transfer to my photography too. I also wanted them to be fun and creative, but authentic. For that reason, I decided not to use lots of filters at the editing stage, but to keep it more real. We’ll talk more about style in the editing module later on.

So, my three style elements are: bright, colourful and creative. 

In the next topic section, we’ll do a task to help you find yours!

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