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Identifying styles that you love


You might be wondering how on earth you find your own style in practical terms, so let’s do a couple of little tasks to get you started! We’ll focus on Instagram here because it’s so visual – but if you aren’t on Instagram, use another form of social media instead.

If you’d like to write down your notes on paper, use a notebook or download the PDF booklet.


Go through the list of people who you’re following, and as you’re looking through, think about why you follow them. Can you pin point anything specific that you love about their photography?


Choose three specific accounts to focus on, and make a note of the following:

  • Elements that you like about their photos
  • How do they create continuity through their photos? Is it lighting? Location?
  • Can you sum up their style in three words?

In the next topic section of this module, we’ll focus on where to find style inspiration for photography.

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