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Finding your photography style


Let’s think more specifically about your photography style.

Complete the next two tasks, and make notes (either in your notebook or on the PDF worksheets). Be really honest when it comes to critiquing your photos – identifying these points will help you to use what you have as a building block and work from there.


Now look at your photos (on Instagram or just on your phone). Pick three of your favourites and write down notes about the following for each one:

  • What do you love about this photo?
  • Is there a story in this photo? Can you explain it?
  • Can you sum up your style in three words from this photo?


Repeat Task 3, but select 3 photos that you’re not so keen on.

  • What don’t you like about this photo?
  • What would you change about this photo?
  • Could your three style elements identified above improve it?

Keep going!

Finding your style isn’t something which necessarily happens overnight. As you continue to practise, you’ll learn more about yours and it will develop over time. Keep your three elements in mind as you take photos and edit. You can always revise and update them later if you need to.

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