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How to stitch a cable stitch

How to stitch a cable stitch | Hello! Hooray!

This week in The Happy Stitch Project, I’m showing you how to stitch a cable stitch. It’s a bit like stem stitch from week 8, but you alternate the sides of the loops when making the stitches and this gives a slightly thicker effect.

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Woven rose bouquet hoop

Woven rose bouquet hoop | Hello! Hooray!

What a week it has been. Everything feels really heavy at the moment doesn’t it? I said this last week in my newsletter too, but it still applies: it’s okay to take time out and switch off if you need to.

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Chain stitch spiral hoop

Chain stitch spiral hoop | Hello! Hooray!

We’re embracing a bit of freestyle design and stitching with this chain stitch spiral hoop! It’s a perfect project for using some of your loose ends (the useable bits of thread left over from other projects) and it’s so relaxing to stitch.

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