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The magic of the to-done list

The Magic of the to-done list | Hello! Hooray!

I discovered the magic of the to-done list a while back, but throughout life in lockdown it has helped me even more. I’d like to share it with you today, as it will hopefully be something that helps you too.

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Fern stitch wreath hoop

Fern stitch wreath hoop | Hello! Hooray!

In week 5 of The Happy Stitch Project we’re learning fern stitch. This is the first new stitch that I’ve learnt for the project, and I’ve designed this fern stitch wreath hoop for you to create something simple but beautiful. Add your own text or design in the centre to customise it!

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Adding French knots to the geo hoop

Adding French knots to the geo hoop | Hello! Hooray!

    I’m a little bit late with this post for week 4 of The Happy Stitch Project – I’m so sorry! Life is just really hectic at the moment, which is ironic considering we’re in lockdown and aren’t going anywhere…but the juggle is very real! Anyway, this week we’re adding French knots to the…

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Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart

Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart | Hello! Hooray!

The Anchor to DMC thread conversion chart is here – yay! I compiled a DMC to Anchor version last summer, and this has been on the to-do list for a while. It will be super handy if you’re joining in with The Happy Stitch Project!

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Link stitch geometric hoop

Link stitch geometric hoop | Hello! Hooray!

This link stitch geometric hoop is the perfect project to practice your link stitches! It is designed to be something to work on over time, and I know you’re going to love seeing the geometric pattern build as you add more stitches.

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The Happy Stitch Project

The Happy Stitch Project | Hello! Hooray!

Welcome to The Happy Stitch Project! I’m so excited to be launching today – yay! This whole project basically came about when I got stuck in a creative rut a couple of months ago, and I knew that I wanted to come up with something to get me out of it. It was during a…

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