Pasta with tomatoes, ricotta, parma ham and sage



This recipe takes hardly any time at all to make, so it’s a delicious meal for a weeknight. The combination of flavours is really good (although the first time we made it we were missing the sage because I couldn’t find any at the supermarket!). You could easily make a bigger batch for family or friends, or even leave out the Parma ham for a veggie version. I had linguine, but Tom has wholewheat fusilli instead – use whichever pasta you prefer. Continue reading…

Mini chocolate and orange hot cross buns



There is still time to make treats for Easter, and these hot cross buns are amazingly good! I know what you’re thinking: “Your buns haven’t got crosses on though…” – and you are (obviously) correct! This was because I don’t have a new piping bag yet, and the mix I made was a bit lumpy and did not want to go through my badly made excuse for a piping bag. But never mind – they are hot (but not crossed) buns here!


These little buns are a great if you’re not a huge fan of dried fruit – I adapted the recipe here by not including mixed dried fruit and adding extra chocolate chips! I did add candied peel in here, but you could leave it out if you really don’t like the fruit. If you would prefer a more traditional batch of hot cross buns, try this recipe that I posted last Easter. Bear in mind that hot cross buns take a long time, but they are so worth the wait and effort!

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Tutorial: One-pot tea cosy



Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mum! 🙂 Hopefully you have opened your present…I’m about to tell people how to make it!


My Mum has a little one-pot tea pot, and she asked me to make a little tea cosy for it. When I visited her a few weeks ago, I measured it and made a template. It was actually quite tricky to make the tea cosy back here in Newcastle without being able to try it on the teapot, so I hope it fits!

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Tagliatelle with sausages, rosemary and porcini mushrooms



Today I made pasta (for only the second time) and remembered how much I enjoy doing it! It’s definitely something to do on a weekend, and it’s easier than you think too. My first attempt was some ravioli, and today I tried out my tagliatelle attachment 🙂 I had to get Tom to help me put it through the machine because it ended up being really long!  Continue reading…

Nancy Nicholson – teapot sew kit review



As many of you know, I love all things sewing and embroidery! I’m always keen to develop new skills and learn new stitches (I seem to get stuck with split stitch sometimes!). For Christmas I received a beautiful teapot sewing kit designed by Nancy Nicholson (thank you Helen and Keith!) and I finished it yesterday, so I thought I’d do a little review of it here.

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