Fabric covered magazine files

It’s that time of year where I like to get organised for the year, although it is a little more tricky this year given that our house is completely upside down with the building work! But I’m trying to sort things out where I can, and decided that I needed a little bit more storage for my ever-growing collection of craft magazines. I have had this project in mind for a while now and then I spotted this gorgeous fabric by Cloud 9 on sale in John Lewis and I knew that they would be perfect craft storage – and at £7 per metre it was a bargain too! Read More

DIY Spice Rack


We bought a spice rack several months ago with the intention of finding some little jars and making our own labels for them. As is often the case, we start off with good intentions but then life gets in the way and more important tasks come along! It was also delayed because we found some jars but then made the mistake of not buying the at the time (I think we weren’t in a position to carry them home safely), and then typically they weren’t there when we went back! Making these labels for the jars is a nice and easy craft project that you could easily complete on a week night. I decided to use the stamps that I used for our wedding invitations, which came from Pretty M on Etsy. I think this would make a lovely Christmas gift, or perhaps a wedding gift (we did something similar a couple of years ago and our friends were really pleased with it!). Continue reading…

Lined wooden drawers



I bought these wooden drawers months ago, and did a little blog post about them at the time with my idea to do them up. This year really has flown by – when I looked for the original post, I was really surprised to find that it was in January! So, it’s October and I’ve finally got around to doing it! The insides of the drawers had been painted but they were a bit dusty (maybe done with chalk paint?), and because I want to use them to store haberdashery bits and pieces I thought that I’d be able to line them. Continue reading…