Tutorial: How to make lined envelopes



Earlier this year I decided to share my trade secrets about how to make envelopes, and I was really pleased with how popular the post was! So I thought it was about time that I do a second envelope tutorial, but this time showing you how to make lined envelopes. They are really good for a special occasion and you can customise them to any colour scheme you want to. I used tissue paper for the lining, but you could use any pretty paper – just make sure that it isn’t too thick, otherwise it will be difficult to fold the envelope. Continue reading…

Tutorial: How to make envelopes


It’s National Stationery Week this week, and to celebrate I’m giving away my trade secret – how to make your own envelopes! They’re super easy and make really great gifts, although if you choose paper that you love you might not want to give them away! But as my friend Emily put it, envelopes ‘must fulfil their destiny’, so why not write to a friend this week? Continue reading…

National Stationery Week 2013


This week is National Stationery Week, celebrating all things stationery (with an ‘e’) and with the aim of ‘getting Britain writing’. Last year there was a National Stationery Day, which was such a huge success that Chris Leonard-Morgan and his super team of stationery enthusiasts decided to turn it into a whole week – and rightly so! I was lucky enough to win their competition with an amazing prize, which was a £500 stationery hamper 🙂 and as many of you know I’m pretty obsessed with stationery so this was an amazing treat! Chris even came all the way up North to present me with my hamper, which was so kind and it was great to spend the morning chatting about stationery! This is us with Emma (far left) who is assistant manager at Paperchase in Newcastle, and we were grateful to them for letting us take over the shop for a while! Continue reading…